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Best Local Ottawa Shops to Get Last-Minute Back to School Gear


Kids across Ottawa have been at school for a couple of weeks and parents are adjusting to the new family routine that this time of year brings. Before school began, many of you likely went back to school shopping and bought new pencil cases, backpacks and clothes.

But are you noticing that maybe you don’t have enough lunch containers? Or that the backpack you thought would last is falling apart? Or maybe your child’s growth spurt happened this week (of course it did).

We’ve rounded up some local shops in the city where you can still purchase back to school items to make your life easier.

Hintonburg Kids

Look no further than Hintonburg Kids for some new lunch containers that will make packing up lunches a snap. We love their stainless steel selection (like the two-tiered Onyx box or the Lunchbot divided container). Little hands will find the stainless containers easy to open and you’ll love how easy they are to clean.  You’ll also find other eco-friendly lunch container options so you can ditch the plastic wrap and baggies.

Kiddie Kobbler

With locations across Ottawa, you can find your local Kiddie Kobbler store and shop for new kicks for the entire family. Your kindie kids can find easy-to-fasten Velcro shoes that will have them playing in the yard without worry and your teens will find just what they need to wear for gym or soccer try-outs.

Tag Along Toys

One of the hottest lunch box items this year seems to have been the popular YumBox bento style lunch container. Tag Along Toys has been selling out of them but more are coming in so if you need a new snack container solution, keep an eye out. Their selection of preschool and kindergarten backpacks are sweet and functional. If you suddenly discover that you child’s current bag isn’t working well for them (those cutesy ones looked great, we know!), you can easily replace it with an option that’s right for them.

Boomerang Kids

Whether you need something brand new (they have backpacks, lunch kits, and lunch containers) or if you just need some clothing thanks to that recent growth spurt, Boomerang Kids likely has it. We love that this consignment shop offers clothes for kids right into their teen years, and you’ll save a couple bucks by buying second hand, which makes sense because you’ll need more money for the next growth spurt.

Fab Baby Gear

Don’t let the name fool you, this shop has backpacks and lunch bags for the preschool/kindergarten set too. And we aren’t talking about licensed lunch bags that have your child’s favourite cartoon character on it and may only last a month. We’re talking eco-friendly, super sweet lunch bags like this bat or bunny bag. Your child will be proud to pull out their snacks if they bring this to school!

Don’t let the fact that the school year has started trick you into thinking your gear is all up to date. Just when we think we have it under control as parents, something changes, breaks or is requested.

Never fear, these local shops in Ottawa have you covered.

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