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Black Friday for Canadians


If you haven’€™t heard of Black Friday, I’€™ll tell you what it is quickly because I have a lot of deals to look for.
The Friday after US Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day on the American retail calendar. It’€™s one month before Christmas and it’€™s a long weekend that many celebrate with family. After the turkey’€™s been eaten on Thursday, they enjoy the day off with a little shopping. Most stores have caught onto this and offer great deals for shoppers everywhere. Traditionally, Canadians haven’€™t taken part in Black Friday (or even known about it). It’€™s not our Thanksgiving, after all. They’€™re not our college football teams, and it’€™s not the biggest family holiday weekend of the year for us.

But why should that stop us from getting some great deals? Thanks to the World Wide Web and our stable economy (apparently) retailers are inviting us to the party’€”in Canada and across the border. And I say, it would be rude not to accept the invitation.

Here are a few sites I plan to check out this weekend to see what great deals there are for us. Some of them already have deals going on now.

  1. Sephora ‘€“ They’€™ll have excellent stocking stuffers and sister gifts
  2. J. Crew ‘€“ Maybe I’€™ll find something sparkly to wear to a few holiday fetes?
  3. Apple ‘€“ Friday, November 25 is their one-day sale. They usually don’t have great big discounts but it’s better than lining up for no discount closer to the big day.
  4. The Gap & Old Navy ‘€“ For pj’€™s, T-shirts and other fun stuff and pretty awesome deals.
  5. Amazon.ca ‘€“ For books, DVDs, music and more.

RedFlagDeals is a great resource to find all the deal sites available in one fell swoop. It will be updated as the week progresses.

Happy shopping!

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