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Calgary: The Savvy Guide to January


To ensure that 2011 is your year, get a good start with these savvy tips to manage January. And Happy New Year to you too.
Be fair to yourself when you make New Year’s resolutions
Why? Because you’re doing a great job already and you don’t need to add a lot more to your plate.

Skating on a frozen pond
Why? Because there are plenty of great ones in Calgary and Banff, including Bowness Park Lagoon, Prairie Winds Park and of course Olympic Plaza. We also recommend a day trip to Lake Louise from January 21 to 23 to take in the Ice Magic competition at the Chateau.

Something nice for yourself during the sales this week
Why? Because you deserve it, that’s why.

In the snow
Why? Because you can make some really fun and simple creations with a big wow factor that your kids will love.

Why? It’s pretty cool, and so are the results. Just start clicking and dragging when you see the blank screen.

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