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Vancouver Learning About Nature

Fun, Hands-On Places to Take Your Kids to Learn About Nature


With summer on the horizon, you might be looking at how to expose your kids to more of nature in the Lower Mainland outside of the classroom. Showing your kids how to protect the earth is always a great idea, especially in summer when they can be outside a lot. The Lower Mainland has all sorts of ways you can learn about the earth and enjoy nature with your kids. Here are some ideas for you to explore:

Honey Bee Centre

When you go to the Honey Bee Centre you can observe bees in a large glass hive. You get to learn about beekeeping and honeybees in their exhibits. They also have a fish pond and you can enjoy snacks made from honey at their “beestro.” It’s a pretty sweet learning experience for the whole family.

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

Explore galleries of plants, animals and human history, plus check out the children’s gallery and nature theatre. There are Discovery Days, Treetop Tales, or participate in a NatureKids learning program. You can also check out Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Lynn Canyon Park, and many parks and trails. Get some exercise, fresh air and read up on facts about plants and animals. lynncanyonecologycentre.ca

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Go on the Suspension Bridge, try out the Cliff Walk, the Treetop Adventures, the Story Centre and Raptors’ Ridge. In Kia’palano you can also explore First Nations’ culture which is tied to nature. Go through the Living Forest and enjoy a guided tour, experiencing the beauty of nature in BC for yourself in an immersive experience.

Van Dusen Botanical Garden

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden and Blodel Conservatory are great ways to learn about nature. Take self-guided tours and take in all the beautiful plants while you watch birds, bees, and urban wildlife. The Blodel Conservatory has an expansive collection of exotic plants and birds so you can experience things that are not necessarily native to the local area. There’s so much to see!

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Spend time protecting the earth and exploring local wildlife and enjoy the scenery on the shoreline you are cleaning up. These cleanups are organized by volunteers for volunteers and are a great way to get hands-on experience with protecting the earth. Use their cleanup locator to find one near you.

With so many options, where will you start learning about nature in the Lower Mainland?

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