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PC Home Ceramic Knives


What never grows dull, rarely rusts, has an easy grip and is more affordable than what you’d normally find in a kitchen store? Did we also mention it’s ceramic? Give up? Then let us introduce you to PC Home’s Ceramic Knives. These super-strong ceramic knives come in different sizes including a 3” Paring Knife, 5” Utility Knife, 6” Chef’s Knife and a 5” Santoku Knife. Aside from their strength and lasting sharpness, another great bonus is the fact that unlike stainless steel, the ceramic doesn’t react with food acids and affect the taste of the food. The handy safety covers make the knives a great addition to a picnic basket, too. So, getting back to our riddle, what’s the newest item you should add to your kitchen? Now you know the answer.($7.99 and up, available at www.presidentschoice.ca).

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