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Victoria: The Savvy Guide to February


It’€™s February and that means it will be Valentine’€™s Day soon. So don’€™t be a grouch. Share the love with everyone around you’€”and let the kids soak it up.
Buy Valentine’€™s Day cards now and make sure you have a class list at the ready
Why? Because it’€™s you who will end up writing all the kids’€™ names on those cards’€”not your five year old.

To the 19th Annual Victoria Film Festival
Why? Because for 10 days in February you can be transported into another realm as you watch documentaries, features and alternative cinema films’€”and everything in-between.

Why? Because it’€™s the best part about V-Day. Give and you shall receive.

Broken Telephone as a dinner table activity with your family
Why? Because it’€™s a fun game and there is a hidden message about spreading rumours and human error that can’€™t be missed. To play, one person starts a rumour and whispers it to the next (give it a love theme). It gets passed around the table until the last person announces what the secret is. It’€™s always different to what the original message was’€”and sometimes funnier.

A book from our kids’€™ book list
Why? Because they’re all amazing new books that kids will enjoy and parents will learn from.

Don’€™t throw out the ends of your carrots, celery and other veggies when chopping and prepping your dinner’€”that’€™s a waste
Why? Boil them up and make a stock for soups or sauces.

Songza (if you haven’€™t already)
Why? It has hundreds of playlists, sorted by category depending on the activity and environment you are in. So it doesn’€™t ask what your favourite songs are, it asks ‘€˜what are you doing now?’€™ Then it recommends the appropriate playlist for you. Oh, and it’€™s free. It’€™s also an app.

Checkout 51. We mean check. It. Out.
Why? Because it’€™s a cool new money-saving app to take grocery shopping with you. You finish your shopping, take a picture of your receipt from any store, then wait to receive cash from the in-store specials. No coupons necessary.

Sweetheart Pops
Why? Because the little sweethearts in your life will love them. Whip up a batch for a Valentine’s Day class party or as a table favour for a V-Day luncheon or dinner. Did we mention there’s no baking required?

The Hypothermic Half Marathon 2013
Why? Because you pick the charity you want to fundraise for’€”and can say you did a half marathon.

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