Our Story

Savvymom.ca was conceived over a couple of non-fat lattes, when two former university roommates, Sarah and Minnow, met for a coffee. Known as the go-to moms in their circles and inspired by their own experiences as moms to five children between them, they started to imagine what kind of resource could help with the ever-present challenges of modern-day motherhood.

These moms were too savvy (definition of savvy: practical know-how) to let their ideas remain in utero. The birth of a new company was inevitable, and nine months later, savvymom.ca—now Canada’s top online resource for moms—was born.

The Team

Our Founders

Here’s the background on our SavvyMom founders.

Christine Rigby
At Savvy HQ

It takes a whole team to bring SavvyMom to our readers and these are the savvy moms who make it happen.

Alison Rockwell
Our Writers

Our savvy scribes keep our readers across Canada informed, connected and entertained every week.

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