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Santa bombing, awesome family Christmas videos, dancing at City Hall and cashmere—it’s definitely Christmas! Here’s what caught my attention this week.

1. Last week I told you I was a believer in Santa…and I still am. Last night I saw him—23 of him in fact—on Inglewood Drive in Toronto. Apparently five homes on the street decided to incorporate the huge inflated Santas into their decor, leaving the rest of the neighbours with Santa envy. One Dad with a very upset child (due to his Santa-less lawn) sent an email to Canadian Tire to ask where they could find more Santas. The marketing department got wind of this and found the remaining inflatable Santas in Canadian Tire stores across the country, then called every house on that street and asked if they could install a Santa on their lawn. The next week the street was officially Santa-bombed. 23 enormous light-up Santas were on display. There was even a hot chocolate and Beaver Tail truck for all the neighbours to celebrate!  It’s safe to say that Canadian Tire nailed this one. Representative of their brand, they pulled off an amazing community act of good will, sprinkled some Canadian beaver tails and hot chocolate into the mix and wrapped it all up in the spirit of the season. Well done, team Canadian Tire. Thanks for reinforcing my belief in the big man.

2. Just when I thought I was filled to the brim with holiday spirit, I see this video of the Holderness family. They put pretty much every family to shame on the fun-o-meter and definitely win the holiday spirit award with their holiday message, #XmasJammies. Happy Holidays from the Holderness Family. Watch it now if you haven’t already.

3. It’s likely the Holderness’ holiday spirit has catapulted them to the top of the nice list, but there is no question that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is sitting comfortably at the top of the naughty list. Despite his appeals for forgiveness in council yesterday stating he is ‘super, super, super, super, super sorry’, it’s just another day at City Hall.

4. In the spirit of giving this week, Tom Crist, the lottery winner from Calgary who donated the entire 40M of his winnings to charity caught my attention. He said very humbly that he has had a fortunate career and doesn’t need the money. I think there is a little bit of Santa in Mr. Crist.

The Nicest Guy Ever

5. Finally, some gift ideas have come across my desk recently that I thought might work for the above parties. I think Santa should deliver a treadmill desk to Rob Ford this year, and I was thinking that those poor Holderness kids could use a warm hat since they’re dancing around outside in just their xmas jammies. I found a new Canadian company that sells the most beautiful cashmere hats for kids. Check it out. There is nothing better than cashmere in the winter.

Cashmere hats for kids

Have a great week and a very, very Merry Christmas.


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It’s true that some people love Christmas more than others. I’m not sure why, but I am definitely afflicted with the latter. I love the smell of Christmas trees, I love the cheesy music, the lights and decorations, the excuse to get dressed up for parties and even wrapping gifts. But mostly I love watching my kids get excited about Christmas. Here are a few examples of what caught my attention this week and reminded me of why I love this time of year.

1. You have probably seen this video online already, but just in case you’re not one of the three million people who have viewed it on YouTube in the last 48 hours, this is the perfect Christmas stunt by WestJet. This is pure marketing genius because they captured the spirit of the season so well—and created a video of it to share with everyone. I love that they focus on the giving—what their team did to get the gifts to their guests, rather than on what everyone wanted for Christmas. WestJet set out to spread good cheer, and they did.

2. I’m also a believer in Santa. I know that sometime he wears a blue and white WestJet hat (as in the video above) and sometimes he is in a mall (or sometimes in a pub). Mostly he exists through moms and dads who do their best to ensure the wish list is filled. But wherever he is, he is carrying with him the magic that only those of us who love Christmas understand. That’s why I love this app, because it proves that Santa exists. Get it and use it!


3. Of course, there are some who believe that Santa is a bold faced lie we’re telling our kids, thus setting them up with trust issues in the future. This could be true. If you’re on the fence about this, you might want to read this post by one of our Savvy Storytellers, Candace Derickx from Life in Pleasantville, who asks the question ‘What’s Wrong with Santa Claus?’ She makes a good point: do what you must, but don’t make the rest of us feel guilty because you’re trying to justify your own anti-Santa actions.

4. Sure, Christmas is a lot of work for us moms. But let’s face it, we’ve been running the show for years—and there are so many great resources out there to help us. Like the SavvyMom 101 Ways to be a Holiday Hero. From the perfect turkey meal, to finding the right teacher’s gift to the hottest toys this season—it’s all there.

5. At the end of the day it’s all about the gift of giving. That’s what the spirit of Christmas is about and there are so many ways to help. A new and interesting way to give back that caught my attention recently is the designer gingerbread house auction being hosted by the Children’s Aid Foundation. Gingerbread by Design is an online auction in which celebrated Canadian designers have created one-of-a-kind gingerbread houses to bid on and bring home. All proceeds will go directly to the Children’s Aid Foundation in support of vulnerable kids. My favourite is this one by Jill Kantelberg Design. What’s yours?

Gingerbread house

Have fun with your Christmas prep. It can be stressful but like most things that require a little bit more attention, it’s worth it.

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