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It’s been a busy week at Savvy HQ. We finally announced that we have been acquired by Ideon Media. Our brand will live on as the SavvyMom Group which incorporates, the SavvyMom Collective of bloggers, UrbanMoms (also recently acquired by Ideon) and We’re very excited about the move as we are now the biggest Canadian mom property. Nothing else will change for you, our loyal readers. Our team is still dedicated to delivering the very best practical solutions to your everyday dilemmas—from diapers to dinner parties and beyond. We know that your loyalty and feedback, ideas and comments are a large part of our success to date and we thank you for that.

In much more important news, I read about a survey commissioned by ParticipACTION which turned up some surprising results. Although 92 per cent of Canadian kids say they’d rather play with friends than watch TV, they watch almost eight hours of screens (computers, smart phones, video games, and TV) each day. Parents say they can’t find time to play with their kids, but when Canadian adults have free time, 43 per cent of them choose to watch television and/or go online. I agree with them that it’s time to power off and get outside. As part of its national campaign to Bring Back Play, ParticipACTION is asking Canadian families to Unplug & Play for 60 minutes a day from March 24–30. Go!

I’m not sure if playing with dolls counts, but I am pretty sure the people at ParticipACTION would be in favour of the new Barbie doll I read about on The Huffington Post last week. She’s named ‘Lammily’ and if the crowdfunding efforts are a success, these beautiful and realistic dolls will be available soon. These dolls wear sportswear instead of princess dresses. Imagine!


Speaking of fashion, we attended an event for Target last week which featured a young Canadian designer. Sarah Stevenson’s amazing designs for Target will be in stores March 23. Target is well known for their famous fashion collaborations with high-end designers (most recently Jason Wu with the Canadian launch) and Sarah’s stuff is easily on par with them. We loved the bright and springy collection. So will you!

Sarah Stevenson Target Launch

Finally, some shameless self-promotion for an amazing contest we’re hosting in partnership with Moms to Be…and More. We’re bringing you the opportunity to win an UPPAbaby Vista Stroller (valued at $789.99) plus a $300 gift card to Moms to Be…and More. Tell all your friends!

Stroll into Spring with Moms to be…and More!

Have a great week.

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Ellen's Oscar Selfie
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Selfies caught my attention more than usual this week—not just at the Oscars, but everywhere. So did Rob Ford, breast milk, swaddling babies, unplugging and head lice. 

With all of the hype about Ellen’s Oscar selfie, it was a relief to read the headline in this article from TechCrunch titled ‘Thoreau Warned Us About Ellen’s Oscar Selfie’. Finally, I’ve found someone thinking along the same path I am (thank you, Henry David Thoreau). Apparently after he learned about the electric telegraph in the 19th century, his comments were: ‘We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate.’ Is there any reason why Ellen’s selfie was the most retweeted image in Twitter history? I’m not looking for anything extremely meaningful—just a reason to care. Why are all those people caring so much? Thoreau was right.

My obsession with the importance of selfies in our society led me to this alarming article about head lice. Indeed, the rise in selfies has led to an increase in the number of cases of head lice. And don’t be thinking that your friends are not the kind of people that get lice—I used to think that way about my children, but it happens. Now scroll back up to that celebrity selfie and just imagine…

When it comes to our mayor, the good people of Toronto certainly aren’t worried about lice—we have much bigger issues with him, to be sure. The Mayor was on late night television talking about how much he loves us, but I am tired of the debates about whether Jimmy Kimmel was too hard on him as a guest on his show. Jimmy did what no other person in Rob Ford’s life has done, ever. He bravely faced him in front of millions of people and suggested he get some help for his addictions. Only a friend does that. I agree with Jon Sufrin who wrote this article on saying: ‘Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel’. 

Rob Ford on Kimmel

In mom news, the latest headlines are telling us that swaddling babies is dangerous and the benefits of breastfeeding have been drastically over stated. It’s a confusing world we live in. Wait until those kids grow up and find out that they can’t take selfies anymore because they’ll contact lice.


All this crazy news, combined with the cold weather, is enough to make you want to shut down and go on vacation. Just get away and reflect (maybe read a little Thoreau?). That’s what I’m going to do next week for March Break and you should, too. Or at least try it for a day—March 7 is the National Day of Unplugging. I bet you never knew that was a day, but it’s meant to encourage families to put down their screens and reconnect with each other.

Have a great week!

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