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What does a savvy mom do when she finally gets some 'alone' time?
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For the first time since November 2000, I am home alone. Literally. All three of my children are away at overnight camp for two weeks and my husband has taken advantage of the opportunity to go off to the golf course as much as possible. And I must confess, I like it!

Admittedly, passing by their eerily quiet bedrooms in the evening makes me wistfully think about tucking them in. I have also been to the post office pretty much every day since they left, sending them mail and care packages. When I wake up at my usual earlier-than-most hour, the first thought that comes to mind is of my youngest (only 7, after all), sleeping in a bunk somewhere in Algonquin Park where I have never been myself, and all I can think of is that I hope she is not awake thinking about me, because that would mean she is homesick.

But, at the same time, a great calm has come over me. No drop off, no pick up, no soccer practice, no playdates to schedule, no messes to clean up, no yelling, no fighting, no nails to clip, no lunches to pack…I spent some time this weekend organizing some post-school, year-end messes and now I am free as the wind to go to movies (done!), out for dinner (done!), go to yoga class (done!), take a ride on a hot air balloon (next weekend!), watch what Will and Kate are up to (doing!), work (doing!) and read a book (doing!).

A change is as good as a rest sometimes, but I better not get used to this life as it’s only for two weeks.

How are you coping with your kids being away at camp?

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It's all about organizing this spring
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I am not alone. According to the poll we are running on our homepage right now, 48% of SavvyMoms love the same sense of satisfaction I get from purging and cleaning and whipping the house into shape for spring.

While I am surprised, I could not agree more. Every year, as soon as we finish our March Break ski trip, I kick into high gear in a desperate attempt to attack all the messy areas that have built up over the fall and winter and get it all done before soccer season (3 kids, 4 teams…not a lot of free time) starts in May.

So herewith, my spring cleaning/purging schedule:

Weekend 1:

  • Kid 1 – try on all clothes to see what is needed for summer (I will admit to bribing the kids with one Smartie for each item tried on), organize closet, bookshelves and toys
  • Wash all ski clothes, organize sports storage closet in basement
  • Organize linen closet

Weekend 2:

  • Kid 2 – try on all clothes to see what is needed for summer, organize closet, bookshelves and toys
  • Go through medicine cabinet in each bathroom
  • Switch up winter coats for spring ones (thinking due to the current weather in Toronto, this may be delayed!)

Weekend 3:

  • Kid 3 – try on all clothes to see what is needed for summer, organize closet, bookshelves and toys
  • Switch up my closet for spring clothes and purge any winter clothes not worn this year

Weekend 4:

  • Clean up home office desk, desk drawers and bulletin board
  • (Intentional light organizing weekend to get caught up on any of the above not done, also hosting Kid 3 birthday party this weekend)

Weekend 5:

  • Backhall closets (kids’ stuff) – switch to spring, store winter items, check summer shoes and soccer cleats for size, check for other needed summer items such as sunscreen or hats
  • Clean patio, get out garden furniture, tidy up garage

Weekend 6:

  • Sort/organize/purge toys in basement playroom
  • Organize hats and gloves stored in front hall dresser and wash as needed

Hopefully by May I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the spring and summer!

My sister and some of the SavvyMoms at HQ make fun of my springtime obsession, but it makes me feel lighter and calmer (so I carry on). How do you attack spring cleaning? I would love to get your tips.


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