Jan Scott
December 20, 2011
Jan Scott
Chocolate Bark
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With less than a week until most of our holiday celebrations are officially underway, I’m happy to say that I am finally and fully prepared. Gifts are bought and wrapped, the freezer is stocked, cupboards are full and the supplies have been purchased for last-minute chocolate bark.

Inevitably, there is always a forgotten hostess gift that needs to be put together, or a small snack for unexpected guests. Having a supply of chocolate (dark, milk, white), nuts, dried fruit and/or candy on hand means that I’ll be able to put something together quickly if needed.

I first discovered the brilliance of chocolate bark when I lived in France. The lady I worked for would assemble it whenever she needed to have a sweet nibble on hand. It was almost always made from dark chocolate, dried fruit and nuts and often included the addition of a spice or two. Think cinnamon-infused chocolate or a sprinkling of ginger or rosemary as a finishing touch. It wasn’t candy-laden like we might make it here, and it was certainly a treat they perceived to be good for you.

I now make chocolate bark each holiday season and try to use simple, yet flavourful ingredients. Do you make bark? If so, what are some of your favourite add-ins?

To see the full printable recipe, click here: French Chocolate Bark.

Chocolate Bark

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