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how to save more money
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How are your shopping habits? Are you smart with your hard-earned cash, or does your resolve crumble once you enter your favourite neighbourhood boutique? What about when you enter the grocery store—do you stick to your list or leave the store with a cart full of goodies and impulse buys?

And then there’s online shopping…

We know, we know. You’re signed up to all the hottest and trendiest retailers’ e-newsletters and always use the sale code that arrives in your inbox daily…that’s smart spending, right?

But, are you too tempted by the lure of the online buy?

We’re here to help. In this round-up of awesome reads, we’ve got pro tips and tricks to help you become more savvy with your spending, kick an online shopping habit, uncover what you’re paying too much for, and learn how to spend more strategically. So, let’s get started, because there is no time like the present!

Our 7 most popular articles to help you spend smarter

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Dads Who Do Chores Raise Daughters Who Earn More
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According to Global News, researchers at the University of British Columbia conducted a study that suggests a father figures’ willingness to do chores around the house impacts young girls’ perception of gender roles in the work environment. In other words, your little girl is watching how you and your spouse split the household chores, and what she observes is building the foundation of how she perceives gender and work.

The study of 326 children between the ages of 7 and 13 found that when fathers took on equal shares of the household’s chores, young girls were more likely to head towards ‘less traditional, higher-paying careers’, such as those in the fields of medicine or science.

If the mothers took on more household work than the fathers—even if both parents worked full-time jobs—young girls were more likely to aspire towards careers that are more traditionally gendered for women: nursing, teaching, or as a stay-at-home mom.

Young boys’ aspirations were not affected in the study. Researchers guessed it may be that boys’ gender roles are less flexible.

Gender equality at home, said lead researcher Alyssa Croft, sets the pace for future career aspirations of young girls.

Read the full story at Global News: Want your daughter to break barriers? Dads should do chores: study

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