Backpacks and Lunch Bags: Special Edition

Kids’ Backpacks and Lunch Bags
Backpacks and Lunch Bags: Special Edition

Life is full of yin and yang. Back to school season is a good example…summer is almost over (sad), but school is almost back in session (not so sad).

Get on it with our 20 Great Backpack and Lunch Bag picks we rounded up for you. We also have recommendations and tips, checklists and more that might come in handy. Now that you can check this first essential back-to-school item off your list, get back to enjoying your summer.

We admit it—like the Stephen Joseph Owl Backpack, we’re softies too. While you struggle to hold back tears (of joy?) when they walk into school on their first day, take a moment to admire this backpack made of quilted cotton. The soft cotton exterior is lined for durability and the magnetic enclosure keeps everything from falling out (the same can’t be said for your tears). Machine washable, this is one simply constructed, but wisely made, owl-themed backpack. Who (hoo) knew? ($27.95, where to buy)

Cevan Academy BagFor the groover in your family, the Cevan Academy Bag is the bomb (for boys seven and up). This PVC and nylon Academy Bag, with magnetic closure and two zippered compartments, comes from the chic California design firm, Allen Ave, who offer limited edition designs. In this case, it’s a screen-print of a vintage airplane in flight. An ample strap offers lots of length to reach across the body for classic messenger-style carrying. A gift of this bag will make you cool in their eyes but there’s no guarantee on how long that will last. ($42, where to buy)

You Name it Baby Snack SquareSnack time is one of the most important elements of the nursery school curriculum, we all know that much. With the You Name It Baby Snack Square, your kids will be well equipped to handle the other challenges they face like learning where to hang their coat, lining up for recess and colouring inside of the lines. You Name It Baby makes personalized lunchboxes and snack squares (and backpacks too) in a variety of patterns and colours so they’ll always know which is theirs come mealtime. Now they just need to remember to put it back in their backpack. (From $17.99 (snack squares), where to buy)

So Young Mother Cooler BagsOver packing isn’t just for holidays. When we know they’re eating away from home, whether at school or on a field trip, we tend to pack extra food for fear they’ll be hungry all day. All those goodies need a place to go, and the So Young Mother Cooler Bags make an ample, elegant, insulated and PVC-free perfect solution. Pack in as much as you like (even though they’ll only eat a quarter of it), and pop it into their backpack, or hook the cooler handle onto a clip. But be prepared, no matter how much food you send them away with, they’ll come home starving anyway. ($27.95, where to buy)

See all of our 20 picks in the 20 Great Backpacks and Lunch Bags Guide, as well as some important tips and recommendations on how to handle the back-to-school stress. Tested by Alison R., Toronto

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First published 2011.08.08

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