Calgary: The Savvy Guide to January

January 2011
Calgary: The Savvy Guide to January

To ensure that 2011 is your year, get a good start with these savvy tips to manage January. And Happy New Year to you too. 

Be fair to yourself when you make New Year’s resolutions
Why? Because you’re doing a great job already and you don’t need to add a lot more to your plate.

Skating on a frozen pond
Why? Because there are plenty of great ones in Calgary and Banff, including Bowness Park Lagoon, Prairie Winds Park and of course Olympic Plaza. We also recommend a day trip to Lake Louise from January 21 to 23 to take in the Ice Magic competition at the Chateau.

Something nice for yourself during the sales this week
Why? Because you deserve it, that’s why.

In the snow
Why? Because you can make some really fun and simple creations with a big wow factor that your kids will love. 

Why? It’s pretty cool, and so are the results. Just start clicking and dragging when you see the blank screen.

With your kids
Why? Because January 27 is Family Literacy Day and we’re celebrating it all month with these tips to encourage more reading at home.

Why? Because kids need a way to track how much they are using iThingies and other screens, and this simple yet high-tech way is one they actually appreciate.

Keep those holiday greeting cards
Why? Because you can reuse them for the next year. For a fun craft project with the kids, glue the fronts of this year’s cards onto a blank card to use the next year. You can also cut them up to make gift tags. Saving the planet usually means saving money, too.

Recycle your old computers
Why? If Santa brought a new one for your family this year, donate your old one (printer, fax machine included) to the electronic.recycling.association so someone who needs them can benefit.

Pick up a new lunchbox from Nutrition for Your Condition
Why? Because you can receive 15% off lunch products, airline kits and versabags (for the new year). Visit the website, then send an email to listing the products you’d like to order. You’ll then receive a PayPal invoice with the discounted price that is valid until January 31.

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First published 2010.12.30

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