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It’s a Sign

Do you suffer from TV guilt? While you know that using your television as a substitute babysitter is an incredibly effective way to get dinner cooked, your mommy conscience tells you that TV should be used sparingly.

What if your kids watched television that actually helped them learn: a program that increases intraneural connections and their vocabulary? Just like magic, the TV guilt seems to disappear (or at least dissipate).

Signing Time is an amazing product that is new on the Canadian market. A series of videos designed for baby to school aged audiences (mom and dad need to pay attention too), Signing Time is fun and educational at the same time.

Produced south of the border by a family with special needs children, Signing Time brings American Sign Language (ASL) to the masses with a total of 21 DVDs (more than 600 signs) complimented by books, flashcards and music CDs.

ASL is an entirely visual combination of hand gestures and body language. Learning ASL is akin to learning another spoken language. Just watch your kids’ sponge-like brain soak it up. The result for many children is earlier literacy and improved fine motor skills.

Oh, and did we mention that toddlers who can sign have fewer tantrums?

Signing Time videos are available in Canada through The Signing Store. Calgary entrepreneur and mom to 2 signing teenagers, Tricia Davies is a trained audiologist with a special interest in ASL. She saw the value and quality of the Signing Time series early on and has worked hard to promote ASL as a certified second language.

The Signing Store provides gift wrapping services and home delivery to anywhere in Canada for a flat $8. The signing products make unique baby and Santa gifts.

Tricia Davies also hosts workshops and classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers including a Level 2 class for kids who may have started signing as infants and would like to learn more. You can register for the upcoming Level 2 class (October 22nd at the Varsity Community Centre) on the Signing Store website.

Wash away that TV guilt. Click on the DVD player and cook dinner in peace. Just make sure you can see the screen as well because you will want to understand when Jack tells you he has to go to the bathroom.

The Signing Store
(403) 990-4908

Signing Time

Tested by Drew A., Jayden A., Elliott C., Calgary
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First published 2007.09.20

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