Slow Food Fast

Mise en Place
Slow Food Fast

I had a dream last night: a chef in my kitchen, recipe in hand, shopping, chopping and schlepping done. She looked at me and said, “Just cook it.”

Sound dreamy to you too? Well, wake up and let us introduce the term ‘meal assembly’, the most recent addition to our culinary lexicon and one that we have welcomed with open arms. All moms know the bulk of cooking time is spent on preparation so what could be savvier than taking the grind out of daily meal prep?

Mise en Place is the BMW of food assembly in Calgary. Located in Lakeview, it is designed to be the kitchen you always wanted—right down to the chocolate brown apron. Sleek, contemporary and spotless, it resembles a show home.

So what do you do there? Why, assemble meals, of course. Meal choices can be made ahead of time and customers arrive to assemble fresh, healthy delectable meals for their families. Entrees are restaurant quality (all tested by the resident chef) and are worth serving to your boss, best friend or pickiest eater.

Mise en Place offers services ranging from solo meal assembly to group events that include food sampling, wine pairing and no clean-up. They also do in-home parties.

Meals are priced a la carte so you can stop by for five minutes and make a single appetizer or book 90 minutes and make supper for a month. Need dinner tonight? Pick up a preassembled entrée. Home delivery is also available.

Your baby can eat as well as the rest of your family. Mise en Place shares a kitchen and freezer-to-go with Baby Gourmet, purveyors of healthy food for babies and toddlers. So gourmet frozen baby food is readily available while preparing meals for the larger members of the family. ‘Cause nobody leaves Baby in the corner. (Sorry, quick flashback to Dirty Dancing).

Entrée prices average $28 for 4 – 6 servings with discounts for assembling multiple recipes. Just throw all those finely chopped veggies into your recipes and take pride in the effort you have put forward to produce fresh and healthy meals for your loved ones.

So unless that dreamy chef in your kitchen is Jamie Oliver, wake up now and discover the joys of meal assembly.
Mise en Place
Lakeview Plaza
#11, 6449 Crowchild Trail SW
(403) 262 6333

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First published 2007.01.18

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