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Our back-to-school checklist helps you count down to the big day.
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We call it ‘back to reality’ because it’s not always about going back to school, but it is about getting back to routines.

Don’t start getting anxious about fall while it’s still summer…just follow this savvy checklist and rest easy for the next few weeks.

There are a few need-to haves you’ll want to pick up before the selection runs a bit dry, and we suggest starting with the backpack. For the trendy tot, the latest ‘it’ bags are Dabbawalla. They are unlike any packs we have seen before and we love that they go in the washing machine. For the too cool for school kids (or at least too cool for a pack with an animal on it) our favourite bags are from Land’s End. Kids will love the personal touches such as monograms or embroidered patches (think hockey sticks, dinosaurs or flowers).

Lunch Box…check
Lunches are something moms obsess about (just a bit)—but before you worry about what to pack, decide what you are going to pack the lunch into. We like the LunchBots Duo reusable lunch container. It is the perfect eco-replacement for plastic baggies and is grease proof and dishwasher safe. For the non-sandwich eater, we opt for the trusted Thermos Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Jar. The wide lid makes it easy for kids to dig down and get the good stuff at the bottom.

Shoes are also top of the list this time of year. If you’re stuck and don’t have time to take Jack and Jill to a shoe store, check out The Shoe Company online. They have lots in stock and they will gladly accept returns in a retail store near you if they don’t fit.

Take the kids to get a haircut. And book one for yourself too, mom. It’s a new school year, new you, and all that.

Books are always a good way to help your children prepare for a change. The kindergarten set will enjoy Kindergarten Countdown by Jane Hayes while the school aged children will prefer something like First Grade Stinks by Mary Ann Rodman. If your children are older, just make sure they are reading something (anything) before school starts to get that brain back in gear.

Start back on your regular sleep routine a week or two before you get back to school if your kids have been enjoying lazy summer sleep hours. Push back bedtime 15 minutes each night. It will make the mornings a lot smoother that first week.

Friends and Familiarity…check
If your child has the first day jitters, spend some time at the school so they are familiar with it. A good idea is going to the playground a few times before school starts (because it’s all about recess). Even better, if you know any children who will be in the same class, invite them for a play-date so your child will know a familiar face on the first day.

That’s it, you’re set. Now get back to your summer.

How to Find

Dabbawalla Back Packs

Land’s End


Thermos Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Tested by Minnow H., Toronto
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First published 2009.08.18

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