Muck It Up

Muck Box
Muck It Up

Don’t worry—it’s not the kind of muck you’re thinking it is. This Muck is one of our all-time favourite things actually (alongside raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens of course).

It’s a galvanized steel box with a handy handle, easy to clean and great for so many different things, and you get it at one of our favourite places, Ikea (can’t beat that breakfast special), for $9.99. At about 10 x 11 inches, Muck takes up less than a square foot, but we’re sure you’ll want to share your space with it.

And in honour of its many sides—five to be precise—we’ve got five ways to share how we use Muck all over our house:

  1. Sensible Shoe Storage – assign every member of the household a Muck box by the front or back door on which to keep their shoes. We embellish ours with name and age in magnetic letters so the kids can recognize their own box easily.
  2. Lovely Laundry Room Organizer – it’s stain and water resistant construction makes Muck great (and great-looking) for the laundry room. We line ours up on a shelf and assign one each for all the laundry room essentials: clothes pins, stain removers, fabric softener.
  3. Practical Party Cooler – fill Muck up with ice and a little water and use it to stylishly stash wine, beer and juice boxes at your next family gathering.
  4. Great Gift Wrap – instead of the usual gift bag, use a Muck box as a gift basket to present any homemade or baked goods in style (a little crumpled tissue at the bottom and some cellophane wrap will go a long way here).
  5. Super Sorter – want to get the kids to help with putting their stuff back? Get them each a Muck box, decorate as desired, and keep at the bottom of the stairs. Anything that has been strewn around the house (read: spare socks, Lego bits and marker lids) are returned to the box and the child responsible for those items can have fun putting everything back where they belong (playroom, laundry basket etc.) before dinner or bedtime.

We’re sure you’ll think of more ways to bring Muck into your house (toy storage and magazine holder immediately come to mind).

Muck’s tough as nails, willing to take on any task around the house and nice to look at too. You might already have something like that around, but if you need another one, try Muck.

Available at Ikea

Tested by Sarah M., Toronto
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First published 2007.10.09

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