Names to Notes

Name Your Tune
Names to Notes

“It’s not all about you, you know!”

Actually, this time it is. And that’s okay. Because feeling like the King of the Castle is what it’s all about with a personalized CD from NYT West.

Name Your Tune is a musical compilation that’s just been launched in Vancouver, and it’s got your child’s name written all over it. Literally.

Name Your Tune takes thirteen well-known songs and sprinkles your child’s name liberally throughout the mix, as in “If you’re Suzie and you know it, clap your hands.”

Lots of hands are clapping for this product, which has been receiving rave reviews and product awards since its initial debut in Toronto, such as the iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Product in 2006. It’s hard to resist a song compilation that features your child in over 80 musical mentions, and it’s proven popular not just with kids but with adults looking for a unique baby or birthday gift.

The upbeat songs are sung by a mix of male and female singers, and when you crank the CD you’ll swear you’ve got a live recording studio in your home, singing just for you and no one else.

But at only $20 a pop, it’s the perfect gift and not much more expensive than an off-the-rack children’s CD. As an added bonus, you can include more than one child’s name in the mix at no extra charge (great for multiples).

We all know about the studies that link musical exposure with increased brain development…and the part about it soothing savage beasts is pretty cool, too, especially during long car rides.

So let them be the centre of their own universe for a while longer and bring some music into your little one’s life by checking out

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First published 2006.09.21

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