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We’ve got a different kind of list for you today, no shopping required. It’s a list of new and exciting improvements at SavvyMom, because we’re always looking for ways to enhance your Savvy experience. We just can’t stop growing up. 

Consider them our gifts to you—for all that you do.

Expert Panel
For help with parenting, healthy eating and other mom dilemmas, we’ve assembled a crack team of experts to guide our readers through the not-so-easy parts of raising kids. From sibling rivalry to eating first solids, our experts have you covered. Here’s just a taste of the kind of advice they’ll be delivering, straight from the mouths of a few of the members of our expert team:

“A child flourishes most when you show unconditional love and acceptance of them ‘as is’—no strings attached! They don’t need you to love everything they do.”
Beverley Cathcart-Ross and Doone Estey of the Parenting Network.

“You actually have a choice every time you interact with your child—pause, breathe and then make the right one.”
Julie Freedman Smith & Gail Bell, co-founders of Parenting Power.

“Create a strong parenting support network for yourself, starting before your baby arrives. That way, you’ll have a community to tap into on those days when you’re feeling frustrated and exhausted—and a group who will celebrate the high points in your life as a parent, too.”
Ann Douglas, author of numerous parenting and pregnancy books, including The Mother of All Parenting Books.

“Expose your kids to as many foods as possible at an early age. Keep exposing them as they grow.”
Daina Kalnins & Joanne Saab, co-authors of Better Baby Food and Better Food for Kids

And don’t miss our current expert column by Alyson Schafer, best-selling author of Honey, I Wrecked the Kids. It’s all about potty training and the moms in our office are learning a lot from it. So bookmark our Expert Panel page and check in regularly for their pearls of wisdom. Have a question you’re dying to get answered? Email it to and we’ll see if they have an answer for you.

We want to make sure you’re smiling while you read our newsletters, so we’ve added some very funny cartoons by brilliant mom cartoonist Cathy Thorne to the weekly line-up. Share them with your friends on Facebook or email them to a friend. Because after all, as the philosopher said, if we moms can’t laugh at ourselves, then we can’t laugh at anything at all. We’ve got a whole collection of Smiles to get you laughing right here.

We love and respect your feedback—always, so we’ve enhanced our article comment feature. Now you can share your thoughts on every article with us and with each other. Just click on the little bubble talk icon below and start sharing your thoughts. Just leave a comment on this article until 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, December 1 and you can be entered for a chance to win a giant peanut-free candy cane prize pack from Allan Candy valued at $30 (perfect for those little holiday elves at home).

Today is all about how we can make SavvyMom more fun, informative and interactive for you. So take some time away from that other ‘list’ and see what’s new.

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First published 2010.11.30

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