Celebration Stations

Birthday Party Places
Celebration Stations

Coming up with a great idea for a late winter birthday party can be tough, but we’re here to help with our short list of some great indoor birthday party places.

Science Party at the Canadian Museum of Nature
Good for: Science and nature buffs of all ages
Why We Like It: The Museum has only been offering birthday parties since the recent reno, and there are various packages available, so it’s easy to tailor to a budget. We like the DIY party because you can customize it for your child—how about a prehistoric party with a dinosaur cake, a craft, and a visit to the Fossil Gallery? Yes, please.

Cupcake Decorating Party at The Flour Shoppe
Good for: The sweetest kids we know
Why We Like It: Kids can learn how to bake or decorate cupcakes like the pros (or both). Another option is to order undecorated cupcakes and throw a DIY decorating party at home.

Tumbling Party at Ottawa Gymnastics Centre
Good for: Active boys and girls who like to work up a good sweat
Why We Like It: Kids are really put through the paces at OGC parties. After an hour and 15 minutes in the gym with a qualified instructor, you will be amazed at how quietly they eat their cake in the party room afterwards. 

Cooking Party at Credible Edibles
Good for: Kids who love to cook (and eat)
Why We Like It: Credible Edibles works with the parents to pick a party theme. It could be Beach Party or Winter Wonderland, but whatever they choose, it’s totally customized to fit the dietary requirements of the child or group. Parties are usually two hours long, but for older kids, parties may be up to three hours to include some serious hands-on cooking.

A LEGO Birthday at The Glebe Community Centre
Good for: LEGO-maniacs
Why We Like It: You can trust legendary Ottawa LEGO guy, Ian Dudley, to entertain creative LEGO-lovin’ kids. Build a robot! A machine! A cool structure! And wouldn’t it be nice to send guests home with some accidentally acquired mechanical engineering knowledge instead of a sugar rush?

Party on, moms. Tested by Andrea T., Ottawa

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First published 2012.02.23

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