Beyond the Band-Aid

First Aid and CPR Training in Ottawa
Beyond the Band-Aid

If your childhood memories are filled with wilderness camping, remote fishing lodges where you swam across the lake in record time, or a family cottage you can only reach by boat, you likely can’t wait to share the same with your own kids.

Only now that you’re the parent, these locations are fraught with anxiety-provoking possibilities. Whether your most-dreaded scenario involves a head injury, choking, near-drowning, broken bone, gaping wound or an anaphylactic allergic reaction, it may have occurred to you that knowing a thing or two about how to respond to such emergencies would probably lessen your anxiety and improve the odds of a happy ending.

Don’t panic. Just think about enrolling in first aid and CPR courses. There are no shortage of them around Ottawa, so check out some of these suggestions and choose the one that’s the best fit for you.

The Canadian Red Cross is one of the most well-known organizations in Canada offering such training. Its Standard First Aid & CPR Course is comprehensive, covering topics such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, head and spine injuries, severe sudden medical conditions, bone, muscle and joint injuries, and wound care, among other things.

There are numerous other Red Cross courses available to meet some fairly specific needs. You could take just the CPR training (which includes infant, child and adult CPR), or sign up for Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR, a course intended specifically for people looking after infants and young children in their homes. There is also Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR for those who work in (or visit) isolated or wilderness settings.

A search function on the Canadian Red Cross website lets you choose the courses you’re interested in, then sorts your results according to date or distance. Some Red Cross courses will be offered by cooperating organizations, such as First Aid Ottawa. Since it believes first aid is a family affair, the Red Cross also offers occasional classes for children and youth.

St. John Ambulance is another name-brand source of first aid and CPR training, with offerings similar to those of the Red Cross.

If you’d rather have the course come to you, contact the Ottawa Childbirth Education Association. As long as you have four or more interested attendees, an instructor will come to your home. And if you choose instead to take the course at their location, babies in arms are welcome.

With any luck, you’ll never need to use any of the information you learn at these classes—but the next time you’re in a canoe half an hour from shore and Jack-the-lad gets a baby carrot lodged in his airway, you’ll be happy you’re equipped!

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Canadian Red Cross

First Aid Ottawa

St. John Ambulance

City of Ottawa Paramedic Service

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First published 2009.06.04

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