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It’s finally feeling a bit like spring. Which makes us think ahead to summer…when the kids go to camp.

So stop daydreaming and get on with it with this list of savvy picks for day camps from moms who have ‘been there and done that’ all summer long.

For the 5 and Under Set
Finding a camp for kids aged five and under can be a challenge, and the few that do exist often run for half days.

Carleton University offers Half-A-Happy-Day Camp for kids aged 3½ to 6. The big plus here is that Red Cross swimming lessons are included daily. When they’re not swimming, kids are busy crafting and being introduced to games and recreational sports.

The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group offers an absolute plethora of half-day camps for this age group in both the morning and afternoon, so you can pair them up and get nearly a full day out of it. Choose from themes like Bob the Builder, Kinder Artists, Wild Things, Kinder Dance and even mini tennis camp for ages four to six.

If it’s all day or bust, the City of Ottawa runs a host of preschool camps, and many (though not all) are full days. Choose from favorites like Emergency Vet Jr., Jaws and Claws Safari, Little Picasso and Ooey, Gooey Science. Options vary by neighbourhood.

For Ages 6 to 10
Summer days are for spending outside, and that’s exactly what happens at the much-loved Nepean Sailing Club, where kids as young as eight can learn how to sail a course with a partner during a two-week camp.

The Ottawa School of Speech and Drama gets rave reviews from budding thespians while aspiring artists will love the Ottawa School of Art in the Byward Market. You can start your day like any French artist—with a chocolate croissant from nearby Le Moulin de Provence.

For Athletes of All Ages
Whether they’re 8, 10 or heading into ‘tween territory’, kids who love to compete are built for sports camps. Generalists will love the Carleton University Multi-Sport Camps (there are also sport-specific camps for specialists), and both parents and kids cherish the cafeteria lunches.

Want to save a bundle on hockey camp? We like the city camps run out of Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, where you get the same amount of ice time offered at many elite camps for half the cost.

If you view day camp as daycare for the off season, think again: the summer is full of opportunities for kids to develop new interests. And you definitely deserve a little break from your kids’ cruise director job too!

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First published 2011.04.07

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