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Best Ice Cream Parlours
Just Desserts

It takes four or five years for a child to master the art of ice cream consumption.

The desired technique does not come naturally. It involves licking around the cone with the occasional upwards sweep, while a well-honed sense of timing and peripheral vision scans for droplets. These complex skills are developed over time, to be sure—and there’s no one better to teach it than Mom. Ice cream is education! (That’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway, and we’re sticking to our story!)

To make sure you (and your kids, of course) get the best education, we’d like to direct you to our Savvy Picks for the best ice cream in the city.

We have our old faves, and they’ve never disappointed. For the real Italiano Gelato, we can’t stay away from the Bacio flavour (hazelnut & chocolate) at Piccolo Grande. For a dizzying variety of flavours, try Pure Gelato on Elgin which provides cool escape in the evening hours. Try the cinnamon, green tea, or coconut that is worthy of a more tropical setting.

We’re also fans of Truffle Treasures on Richmond Road. We discovered their delectable gelato when we were sneaking in to get our peanut butter cup fix (made with a healthy gob of caramel—heaven!). There are a dozen flavours to choose from. Grapefruit Kiss, Sunset Mango, and the high-intensity Sexy Chocolate are all winners. Extra bonus points for homemade waffle cones.

It’s hard to choose a favourite flavour at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana on Preston. Shall it be roasted almond, tiramisu, passion fruit, or pistachio? We are planning on trying them all at some point this season. We love to people watch from the covered veranda overlooking the Corso Italia.

Going out for frozen treats is a mite more expensive than grabbing a box of Fudgsicles out of the freezer, we know, but hey, that’s why it’s called a treat, right?

Piccolo Grande
102-55 Murray Street

Pure Gelato
(613) 237-3799
350 Elgin Street

Truffle Treasures
(613) 761-3859
348A Richmond Road

Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana
(613) 233-2104
200 Preston St.

Tested by Patti R., Ottawa
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First published 2007.07.04

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