Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to September

September 2010
Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to September

It might still feel like summer, but don’t blink because in a snap you’ll be back to reality. We’ve got the savvy guide to September to make sure your transition goes smoothly.

Buy a basket (or two, or three) of tomatoes
Why? Because they are in season, ripe and ready for the taking—they’re too good to leave behind. Take them home, make a big salad or pasta, and roast the rest. Your family will thank you in the winter months.

Dress like a fairy and bring your lantern to the Lumière Festival on September 4
Why? It’s one of our favourite family-friendly events in Ottawa. Wandering performers, artists, and enchanting handmade lanterns illuminate New Edinburgh Park and create an evening of magic.

Back on your ‘real world’ sleep schedules
Why? If you start before all regular programming resumes, it won’t be as difficult to get people mobilized in the morning when the time comes.

Charades with your kids. Play in teams so the younger family members can participate and learn the rules and actions with some help.
Why? Because you don’t have to be away on vacation or at a cottage to play games. Turn the TV off and have some fun.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Why? It’s a fascinating story following the trials and tribulations of three women in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960’s—two are African American maids and the third is a young white woman who returns home from college to find her beloved maid missing. The unlikely group joins together to start a movement that forever changes a town. 

Why? Because it’s unbiased and helpful information for people looking for greener solutions for their homes.

Follow our top three back-to-school green rules: walk or bike to school, buy recycled paper and send reusable water bottles instead of plastic
Why? Because we have a planet to save and our kids should learn to take responsibility for it, too.

Bumblebee Touchbook
Why? Because learning to read on the go can be fun—especially if it means Mom can have a latte.

Bring the whole family (including the dog!) to the IAMS Wiggle Waggle Walkathon on September 12
Why? Registration is only $40 per family and the money supports the Ottawa Humane Society. Check out the family fun zone, the K9 fun zone, contests, food vendors, and more.

15% off everything at for the entire month of September. Use code savvymom15.
Why? Because we’re hosting a fun Facebook party with fab online store Raspberry Kids tonight and in celebration, we want to keep the fun going all September long.

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First published 2010.08.26

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