The Crafty Circuit

November Craft Sales
The Crafty Circuit

There’s always one on your holiday gift list who has everything, or is just plain difficult to buy for. What you need are unique gift ideas—and craft sales are a great place to sniff out that one-of-a-kind item for that one-of-a-kind treasured friend.

With no shortage of sales to choose from in Ottawa, we were able to narrow our recommendations down to the three best that are still to come this month.

The Christmas Craft and Gift Show at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive on November 21 and 28 is billed as a “two-day shopping extravaganza for the whole family”. This show celebrates local artists, artisans and crafters, with more than 40 exhibits. You’ll find free admission, free parking, door prizes, and an opportunity to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Also on November 21, the annual Shop Your Local Talent returns to the Ottawa South Community Centre (consider hitting it en route to the RA Centre nearby). The emphasis here is more on art than crafts, and is really a celebration of community artists. You’ll find a wide variety of art here, from paintings to jewellery to textiles and even glass-art windows. And make sure to check out the fabulous baked goods.

The annual Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sales are back this year at the Ottawa Mennonite Church the last three weekends in November (Friday from 3 to 8 pm and Saturdays) beginning Friday, November 12. You’ll find a treasure trove of fair-trade crafts from around the world, including ornaments, pottery, brass, baskets, jewellery and more. For something really unusual, you can also buy ‘Living Gift’ donations, which are essentially development projects meant to help individuals in developing countries.

Craft sales are no longer just church basement affairs limited to hand-knit woollen mittens and old-fashioned preserves (lovely as those may be—and they’re still out there). The big sales are grand opportunities to knock off a good portion of your shopping list while picking up genuine art, fair-trade objects and truly unique, hand-crafted items.

So get crafty—your list will thank you.

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Christmas Craft and Gift Show

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Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sales

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First published 2010.11.11

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