Picture Perfect Resolutions

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Picture Perfect Resolutions

What to do with your treasured family photos after the fact—that is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of abandoning your images to the hard drive, never to be seen or enjoyed…or to take arms and find better solutions to ensure such fine photos are appreciated and treasured for years to come.

We’re going with the ‘take arms’ option after discovering some great ideas for our holiday shots.

Canadian-based elephoto makes creating photo books, cards, posters and calendars simple with a quick sign-up page and easy to navigate instructions. Elephoto imports pictures from your computer, Facebook, Flickr or Photobucket accounts and then offers a range of customizable features for each page (such as colour text or symbols). They offer linen, photo-wrapped or leather covers and take pride in a printing process that ensures vivid and colourful prints. If you’re new to creating photo books, they have a short and helpful online tutorial and a customer service help line that is actually staffed to help. We like them for thank-you gifts if you happened to have been guests over the hols somewhere as well.

If you’ve resolved to organize your home, simplify your life and save money this year, photolab.ca will help deliver on all fronts. With locations across Canada in many Loblaws and Loblaw-owned stores (No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore etc.) photolab.ca makes it easy to order and pick up…because when are you not picking something up from the grocery store? Select your cover style, theme and colour then painlessly upload and edit photos. In general, photo books from photolab.ca can be ready in approximately 10 days from the order date. Photolab.ca also offers shipping for a small additional charge.

Looking for something extra special to do with your photos? Posterjack offers an excellent way to surprise or celebrate anyone in the family (think birthday or graduation) with a new peel-and-stick option that allows you to place any sized image literally anywhere. Imagine a life-sized image of your child playing their favourite sport for their room. You can stick them on walls, doors or wrap them around corners and more. The peel-and-stick feature allows you to move the poster around time after time, so they never tire of looking at themselves.

Shape Collage allows you to create collages of your pictures in hundreds of shapes (think hearts, an initial, numbers). The genius program has an internal algorithm to ensure that the photos are spread out so as much of each photo in the collage can be seen. Shape Collage allows you to customize from there, adjusting the collage size, size of the photos, or number of photos. Change the background, the colour of the border, and more. Save the image as a jpeg and have it printed anywhere. There’s even a Facebook application for all the images you posted to your profile.

When it comes to photo organizing, picture this as an incentive: a lifetime of memories creatively catalogued and saved for generations to enjoy.

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First published 2011.01.11

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