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Ice—we’re either skating on it, or eating it. Call us Canadian, but it’s true.

We know frozen pops are probably one of your kids’ favourite snacks now that the weather’s warming up, and we can’t argue with the appeal of a treat on a stick. But if you like to make your own healthier version of those store-bought beauties—or you just like to make them the way you like them—then we have some great new solutions for you.

Let us introduce you to the latest in frozen pop technology. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is able to make cool, healthy pops that are ready in just seven minutes. Leave this magical machine in the freezer for 24 hours (or more) before preparation and it will be ready to make pops when you are. The mold contains the same kind of liquid you’d find inside the drum of an ice cream maker, and it freezes the juice or yogurt placed inside so quickly your pop is ready in minutes, not hours.

The speed factor also lets you increase the cool factor of your popsicles. Because the liquid sets so quickly, you can easily make layered pops with different coloured fruit juices or even homemade creamsicles with orange juice and vanilla yogurt in the centre. ($49.95, recipes included)

Kinderville Silicone Little Bites Popsicle MoldsIf you don’t mind the wait for frozen fabulousness, try the new Kinderville Silicone Little Bites Popsicle Molds. It’s like a homemade freezie, but a modern, greener version. The silicone tubes are BPA-free, phthalate, lead-free, and bacteria-resistant with fluted rims that help prevent liquid from spilling onto the child’s hands and a non-slip texture that makes them much easier for little ones to hold. They are dishwasher safe and come in bright, summery kid colours. ($24.99 for a set of four molds with lids)

Stainless-Steel Popsicle MoldFor some old-school fun, we found the Stainless-Steel Popsicle Mold that is sure to last a lifetime. This set of six individual pop molds comes with a stand-up tray and is compact enough to fit easily into your freezer (and is also dishwasher safe). We like that you can remove one pop at a time instead of having to run the entire tray under hot water for just one or two pops. ($35 for set of six stainless-steel molds, stand, and a pack of 18 sticks)

So for a little DIY frozen fun this summer, make sure you get the kids in on the popsicle-making action. They’ll enjoy eating them even more and you’ll love that you have complete control over the ingredients.

Now that’s cool.

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Kinderville Silicone Little Bites Popsicle Molds

Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold

Tested by Martha C., Toronto
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First published 2010.05.18

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