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Calgary Issue 233

Calgary: The Savvy Guide to July

July 2011
Our home and native land has lots on this July. Find out more.

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate being Canadian, and there’s no better way to do so than to get outdoors. Our Savvy Guide to July is designed to ensure that you do just that (and create some summer memories while you’re at it).

Wear daily moisturizer with SPF
Why? Because UV levels are higher than usual this year due to record ozone loss above the Arctic last winter. It’s also the best way to set an example for our kids.

To Prince’s Island Park
Why? It’s your chance to take part in one of several festivals including Canada Day activities this weekend. Feed the ducks and enjoy one of Calgary’s best playgrounds (with wading pool) on a summer afternoon.

A good hat
Why? Because fedoras aren’t just for men these days, you know. We like this wide-brimmed one from Tilley.

Create some log cabins out of sticks
Why? Because you can make a whole nature village. Collect the sticks and break them up into even lengths. Stack them in a square for the walls, then lay horizontally for the roof. Decorate with flowers and other nature items.

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books (Second Edition), by Ann Douglas
Why? Because she is one of Canada’s most prolific parenting authors, she is a SavvyMom Expert and we all know how having a little help when your belly is growing can be of great value.

Why? It’s dynamic, online storytelling and it’s a great opportunity to get your kids inspired by listening rather than simply ‘watching’. We’re all about encouraging young imaginations.

The Canada Day app
Why? Just in case you are travelling by car or by plane and you have time to kill before you proceed to spend the rest of the weekend outside (with no phones or computers, of course).

Grow your own salad
Why? Because low maintenance vegetables such as lettuces, herbs and cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in your backyard. You can enjoy their fresh taste, save money and save the environment all at the same time. 

Encourage your child to become an Alberta Children’s Hospital HERO at their next birthday party
Why? In lieu of gifts, guests can donate online to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Kids can proudly create their own Hero page for their friends to check out, and you can save yourself a party’s worth of plastic and cardboard packaging.

Save 30% off the entire Cake Beauty collection including Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream until July 7 using code savvymom
Why? Because these multi-tasking, paraben-free products made from 95% natural ingredients are a great treat for busy moms and allow for a little daily indulgence without breaking the budget.

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First published 2011.06.30