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Summer Lotions

Among the many delights of summer is the baring of our epidermis to the general public. Whether you choose to wear a T-shirt or bikini, you need to feel good in your skin this time of year. We put a call out to our SavvyScouts for some recos on summer skincare to help you navigate that aisle of lotions and potions, so you can get to the great outdoors faster.

Soften Up
For getting rid of the last vestiges of winter (dry, flaky skin and all), we’re turning to Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm. This high-performance, non-greasy, all-over body balm improves skin elasticity and texture, leaving it with a smooth, silky finish. It also works well as a hand lotion and foot cream (or for anywhere below the neckline), so you can simplify your routine. Less really can be more. Developed by former cosmetics executive and savvy mom Linda Stephenson, Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm includes 8 minerals and 28 botanical extracts, which makes it smell great. What we like most about it is that it spreads quickly and absorbs easily, and that saves us valuable time when we’re trying to get ready in the morning. ($54, available at www.mereadesso.com)

Jergens® natural GLOW lineGolden Up
Smooth is good, but for most of us, we’re still a little shy on colour, too (especially since tanning is so ‘out’ now, and for good reason). So we need to get that honey-bronzed look from a bottle to tone down the winter glow. But which of the endless options in the self-tanner aisle does one choose? All the data we got back from our testers pointed to the Jergens® natural GLOW line. Most importantly, it’s low on the ‘stinky tanning cream smell’ factor. Also, because it’s a daily-use product designed to get you to your ‘optimum intensity of colour’ in about a week, it allows you to easily control the depth of colour. The Jergens® natural GLOW Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer includes SPF 20 to protect against everyday sun exposure. And the Jergens® natural GLOW Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer is also a sunless tanner—all you need to do is moisturize to get your natural glow. ($10.99–12.99, widely available)

ThinkSport SPF 30+Protect Up
We can’t profess to have the scientific props to get right to the bottom of the sun vs. chemicals risk debate when it comes to making choices about sunscreens for our family. When we heard that one of the top picks on the Environmental Working Group’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide would soon be available in Canada at mom-run Nayla Natural Care, we knew our research was over. Free of nano-particles, PABA, parabens and hormone-disrupting chemicals, and highly water resistant, ThinkSport SPF 30+ sunscreen absorbs very easily, despite having a very high zinc level—a little goes a long way. Note that the baby version, ThinkBaby, is the same formulation, so the entire family can use the same product. ($20.99, available at naylanaturalcare.com)

Review the rest of our summer sun tips and that’s all you need to be a (safe, golden) smooth operator this summer.

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Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm


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Tested by Ellen M., Toronto
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First published 2010.06.08