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Ottawa Issue 262

Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to August

August 2011
We’ve got all sorts of tips for beating the heat this August. Find out more.

It’s hot and you want to stay cool. So whether you’re embracing the shade, splashing out on the lawn, or keeping cool by the pool, we’ve got some fun ways to make the most of the heat this month.

Have a picnic
Why? Because it’s a great way to get family and friends together for a fabulously fun feast.

Enjoy some cool licks at the Ottawa Ice Cream Festival on August 7
Why? Because you’ll get to experience the journey from cow to cone while honing your milking technique, giving an ice cream maker a spin, and catching the buzz about honeybees and ice cream production—cool and sweet.

A Dyson Air Multiplier
Why? It’s a bladeless fan using special technology that amplifies the air 15 times, so it cools things down and keeps little fingers safer—especially ones that like to poke through things.

Water Treasure Hunt
Why? Because pool games are always fun and can include kids of varying ages (read: parents) too. Toddlers in splash pools can try their hand at grasping for shells, pennies or other treasures you’ve placed on the bottom. Older kids can test out their underwater breathing skills diving for objects.

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner
Why? Another great novel from one of our fave authors, it addresses surrogacy, egg donorship, the rights of a parent and what it means to be a mother through the eyes of a student, a housewife and a socialite (who wasn’t always one). We’ve got five copies to give away.

Why? You can check out market vendors across the country and see what goods they have to offer you online—we think that’s pretty cool.

Why? It’s a great little app that gets your kids excited about tracing letters one line at a time, and rewards their new skills with a game where they tilt or bounce the newly formed letter into a bucket.

Clean or replace your air conditioning filter
Why? Just as your furnace filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly, you should also clean or replace your air conditioning filter. Dirty filters can restrict air flow and reduce your system’s efficiency.

Tee-it-up for the ‘It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child’ golf tournament
Why? With proceeds from the event going to support the Victims of Violence Canadian Centre for Missing Children, you can do good while having fun.

Receive 25% off of everything at Radicool Canada using code KT92 (organization is Savvymom) until August 31
Why? These awesome Australian swim outfits offer 100+ SPF protection for the kids, while being lightweight, bright, durable, and quick to dry.

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First published 2011.07.28