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Boo to You

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas
Ghost Cupcakes

What’s black and orange and so much fun it’s scary?

You guessed it: Halloween. We love this bewitching season so much, it makes us want to throw a party—even if it’s not our birthday. Get inspired by some of our fun and fabulous ways to embrace the ghoulishness this week—we dare you.

Treats trump all things around Halloween and these boo-tiful cupcakes are as easy to make as they are adorable and appealing.

For something a bit scarier that will appeal to serious goblins, try this awesomely scary coffin cake. Want to serve something with a bit of fruit? Of course you do—but make sure you disguise it when you make these creepy candied apples.

Severed Fingers with Bloody Dipping Sauce

Before you overdose in tasty treats, think about the real meal first. Dinner gets a monster makeover—Severed Fingers with Bloody Dipping Sauce will garner squeals of delight from your goblins, while the healthy Veggie Skeleton will appeal to moms and kids alike.

Menacing Mac 'n' Cheese in Mini PumpkinsHalloween and pumpkins go together like mac ‘n’ cheese—so bring them all together for the perfect Halloween pasta dish served in these adorable and perfectly-sized mini-pumpkins. Add a bit of protein with a devilishly good egg recipe on the side. 

When it comes to loot, we’ve got the bag covered: we love these LED Zipper Pulls for safety when trick-or-treating, these hilariously silly snouts, spider balls (just for fun), and some serious slime.

Find 24 Creepy Halloween Birthday Party Ideas all ready for a Haunted Halloween Party.

No tricks, we promise.

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First published 2011.10.22