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Toronto Issue 294

A Honey of a Bunch

Honeybunch Homestore for Kids
Honeybunch Hats

We were intrigued when we heard that one of our long-time fave online shopping destinations Honeybunch was setting up shop offline, and even more so when we heard the tagline ’beautiful and useful things for kids’, so we figured it was bound to be a worthwhile destination.

When we arrived in Etobicoke to check it out, our first impressions of the bright yellow and white awning outside and the soothing apple-green walls inside definitely did not disappoint.

But when we got the guided tour from shopkeeper Nicole Morell of the birthday section, we were hooked. Lovely felt birthday wishes banners ($26.95), crowns (Why not make the birthday boy king for the day?) and party hats ($4.95–5.95) make gorgeous reusable party decorations. Tuck a cookie or a lollipop into a felt flower bag ($6.95) and you’ve got a ready-to-go lootbag any little girl would love, no plastic, no landfill. In the corner, we found shelves stocked full of great birthday presents, not your usual run of the mill, all priced at $15.95. We stocked up for a season’s worth of birthday parties with the Cagola balancing game (it’s a pirate ship made of bamboo), the eeBoo Time Telling game and the eeBoo Paper Doll game (again no plastic in sight).

If you’re working on setting up a nursery or child’s room, the eco-friendly, Oko-Tex approved Kukunest bedding (duvet cover $119, twin sheet set $79)—the Lantern Festival and Submarine patterns are fab—is a great find (that you won’t find everywhere), as are Nicole’s own line of vintage painted furniture and framed artwork from vintage children’s books ($49). On a smaller scale, she’s sourced the best kid’s clothing hangers we’ve ever seen (about $3 each).

Other store highlights are the Noodle & Boo phthalate-free collection of body care products for children, exclusive to Honeybunch in Canada, the gr8x Baby Travel diaper bag ($95) and the Nummies nursing bras—we love the new hot pink one!

In the spring, Nicole will be launching a series of craft classes and workshops to take place in the bright store, each designed to ensure the participant goes home with a finished product.

William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, once said: “Have nothing in your home that you know not to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. With a trip to Honeybunch Homestore, you can definitely live up to his aspirations on a pint-size scale.

Honeybunch Homestore for Kids
(416) 233-5050
3885 Bloor Street West (at Poplar)

First published 2008.03.13