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Toronto Issue 541

Where the Love Is

Family & Valentine’s Day Activities
We know where the love is this Family Day weekend.

You don’t need a holiday to say ‘I love you’ to your special someones. You show them your love every day in everything you do. But this year, with St. Valentine’s and Family Day falling on the same long weekend, it seems like the perfect time to revel in how much you love your family.

The city seems to be feeling the love, too, with lots of great things to do together all over town:

Head Over Heels
There are lots of opportunities to fall head-over-heels (on a skating rink or in a bouncy castle) at the Family Day Carnival on Toronto’s Waterfront. You’ll find lots of fun (and free) activities for the whole family, including dog shows, ice castle painting, skating on the Harbourfront rink, crafts, snacks and a bouncy castle. Dress warmly and feel the love.

Love Bug
Sometimes love is blind. Maybe that’s why kids can love bugs so much. Why not get them to express that love? If your child (under 12) brings a valentine for their favourite creepy crawly to the Metro Toronto Zoo, they can get in for free on the weekend of love. Check out interactive bug exhibits, enjoy bug-themed crafts and get your family photo taken at the Shutter-Bug station. What a great way to catch the love bug together.

Jump (For My Love)
If your kids are loving the Olympic Games, then a trip to the good old ‘Y’ might be the highlight of their weekend of love. YMCAs all over Toronto will be opening their doors and letting you in for free on Family Day this year. To celebrate the Olympic spirit, each location will be running YMCA games hosted by a real Canadian Olympic athlete! (Three-time Olympic medalist in trampoline, Karen Cockburn, will be at the 20 Grosvenor St. location.) Fun competitions and Olympic-themed crafts will run from 10:30 am until noon and the YMCA’s facilities (including pools) will be open from 12:30 pm all day.

Don’t ask us where the love is now…just go out and grab it!

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Family Day Carnival at Toronto’s Waterfront

The Metro Toronto Zoo – Love Bugs

YMCA Games

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Oakville YMCA
PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre

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First published 2010.02.11