Sunny days ahead

The Savvy Guide to June
June 2016

the savvy guide to June

June is a busy month for moms, but it's the kind of busy that fills your heart and home with light, love, and laughter. Summer sports are in full swing with practices and games galore. It's also packed full of school fun fairs, final exams, graduations, work events, charity picnics, and more. Most importantly, we take a day to celebrate the great dads in our lives and look forward to the summer ahead.

Make sure all summer systems are set to go
Why? Sunscreen doesn't apply itself and water bottles, sun hats, sunglasses, and sandals don't automatically line themselves up at the front door either. Make getting out the door easy all summer long by organizing a system that works for your family. We like to have separate drinking bottles for sports and camp, a sunscreen for each kid and one to keep near the door, and a big old basket of ball caps and sun hats that fit every size.

This handy credit card tool
Why? Father's Day is upon us, but there are only so many prank beer hats and barbecue aprons a guy can handle. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't love to have this sleek credit-card shaped tool in his wallet. Made of solid brass, the Gentlemen's Hardware Credit Card Tool contains ten handy tools like a bottle opener, knife blade, screwdriver, ruler, and position wrench. This is the perfect gift for all the dads who make a difference in your life. (And, to be honest, we wouldn't mind having one in our own wallets.)

The Joy of Missing Out by Christina Crook
Why? None of us need a book to tell us that we're way too caught up in our screens for much of the time. But sometimes we still need a kick a pants. The Joy of Missing Out is just that, reinforcing what we already know and inspiring us to do better. Drawing from her own experience with an internet fast and extensive research, Crook says we should all be unplugged every so often. Better yet, she helps us figure out how. Read it now to unplug in time for summer vacations.

Pizza Party 
Why? Fractions and math problems are presented in a format that’s familiar and unintimidating to kids. It’s a pizza party, and the pizza must be divvied up amongst friends—how do you divide the food equally? Build up your grade 1-4 scholar’s critical thinking skills and math world problem prowess. Available on both iTunes and Android

Why? If you can't have a new house, then maybe you can at least have a new patio set, right? Even if it's just a few throw cushions and a couple planters, the selection of home furnishings (both inside and out) at is superb. The new Canadian site for this established U.S. retailer was launched earlier this year, making it even easier for Canadians to dress up their homes in the latest looks. Shipping is free on orders over $75 and something tells us that won't be a problem.

Harvest those dandelions
Why? Dandelions are the classic eyesore that give gardeners a headache and children and dogs the happiest romp of their week. But they're not all bad! By all means, pull those dandelions out of your lawn, just don't throw them away. They are completely edible, for one, and chock full of goodness like beta carotene and vitamin K. The flowers are delicious fried and the greens can be enjoyed sautéed, in pesto, and so many more ways. Or, you know, you can always just stick them in a vase.

Mason jar eats
Why? Mason jars have been trendy long enough now that we think the hipsters must be reverting back to tupperware. But they are still a fantastic way to store and transport food, which makes them perfect for busy families on the go this month. Mason jars are durable, cheap, easy to clean and plastic-free which makes them great for picnics or any kind of (adult supervised) packed lunch. This mason jar layer dip has us salivating and these simple steps break down exactly how to pack a stay-crisp salad in a jar.

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