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Sew What

When it comes to creativity with a needle, we’ll admit to being sewing-challenged (although we do like to think we’re pretty handy with the written word).

So lately we’ve found ourselves impressed with the variety of beautiful and functional products that have crossed our desks, straight from the sewing machines of some very savvy Canadian artisans.

Not Your Grandma’s Apron
Tired of her ‘too old for bibs’ toddler spilling and messing up all her beautiful clothes, mom entrepreneur Ina Ornstein developed the Smicko’z Tablewear for Toddlers clothing cover-up. Attractive, comfortable and machine washable, not only do they protect that chic little wardrobe, they actually add style to even the cutest of outfits. And we can’t say that about a plastic art smock. The savviest feature of all? The ties in the back are placed in just such a way that the wearer of the smock (aka messy child) can’t reach them, so the Smicko’z stays put. There’s plenty of patterns for boys and girls to choose from (we’re obsessing about the Ginger Tile Avocado ourselves) and at about $28, they make a good clothing protection investment from food, paint or other kid friendly mess makers.

myMonkeymoo Zoo Stroller PadSofter than a Baby’s Bottom
We were first attracted to this lovely line of myMonkeymoo stroller pads because of the name (it being a nickname we’ve been known to use ourselves), but once we picked one up, the attraction became much more physical. The reversible and 5-point harness compatible stroller pads add a touch of style to any stroller with their beautiful 100% cotton prints, but what really sold us was how oh-so-soft and cozy the swirl chenille side is, perfect for your little baby’s bottom ($69). And the savvy in us likes that these pads help keep your ride clean (it’s a lot easier to wash than the stroller).You can even dress up a third-hand stroller or use it as an emergency change pad when you’re out and about. Developed by Vancouver mom of one, Kirsti King, and Vancouver dad of two, Ken Bower, they make a great baby shower gift too. Available online at

Organic Brown Sleep SackSleep Tight
Baby can get cozy in an organic cotton French knit ‘sleeping bag’ from the 3Sprouts line, founded by brother and sister team Amit and Banu Khurana, Toronto-based lingerie designers who were inspired by the birth of Banu’s daughter to launch a clean-lined collection of modern sleep sacs at an affordable price. It’s available in cream and brown accented with a polka-dot appliqué on the tummy, and on the savvy front, the extended bottom zipper allows the bag to be opened from the bottom for easy access (think late night diaper change). Available online at ($44.95)

‘Sew’ what if you can’t sew? These parents can and they know how to rock that needle.

Tested by Sarah M., Toronto
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First published 2008.07.29

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