Spa Yourself

Treat your guests and mom-to-be with easy, DIY home spa treatments
Spa Yourself

Feeling a little pasty and tired? Nothing that a day at the spa can’t cure. But if it’s looking like this winter’s trip to the spa is ‘so not happening this year’, (what with the economy and your family not being able to manage without you for a day or two), it’s time to take matters into your own hands and create a little at-home spa experience for yourself.

Don’t go buy a lot of expensive lotions and potions either—we’ve rounded up some homemade, all-natural treatments that will help you to exfoliate, rejuvenate and relax. You probably have the ingredients to make them in your kitchen already. So send the kiddos out for the afternoon with someone who loves them, turn off the phone, crank some mellow tunes, light an aromatherapy candle and treat yourself for a few hours.

Face Off
Get started with a relaxing two-part facial. Start with a lemony Tranquil Facial Steam. Lemon essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial and is calming, helping with mental fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety (also great for opening nasal passages if you have a cold). Follow the steam treatment (you’re oh, sooo relaxed now), with a Sensitive Skin Cucumber Mask, best served chilled from the fridge for maximum soothing potential.

Body Check
Now that you can tackle your world with a better face, it’s time for a little body work. To scrub away that dry winter skin and perk you up, try a natural exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub (you know how much we like our coffee). Once that’s done and your skin is like new, follow it with a Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath. Don’t forget to dim the lights, make yourself a headrest from a big, fluffy towel and grab your favourite book or magazine.

Hand It to You
Love that paraffin wax spa treatment feeling? We’ve got an even better, petrochemical-free way to get smooth hands in time for spring, a Coconut-Lemon Hand Scrub. After your long soak in the bath, get into some comfy clothes (you’re chill-axing). Scrub your hands for one minute with the mixture, put on cotton gloves and leave them on for 30 to 60 minutes while you nap, watch your favourite show or just look out the window and enjoy the peace and quiet.

So just say spaaaaaah! (That laundry can wait a few hours.)

Tested by Denise S., Toronto
Tagged under skincare, bath, spa, facial
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First published 2009.02.24

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