Sustainable Sniffles

Hank & Cheef Handkerchiefs
Sustainable Sniffles

Got issues with tissues? Regula Appenzeller did. She’s a 28-year-old Vancouver-area mom who couldn’t believe how many disposable tissues she was going through with her baby and toddler.

Now, thanks to her ‘mom-genuity’, facial tasks can be anything but mundane. Regula has designed and launched a line of tree-friendly modern-day kerchiefs that she sells through her brand-new company, Hank&Cheef.

In this eco-chic era, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce something so simple as the hanky. Whether you’re an adult with allergies, a child with chicken fingers or a toddler with tantrums, there are a thousand uses for these 8 ½” squares of organic cotton. They are printed with colourful stylized designs of trees, owls, flowers, moose (for your manly man), and more. The designs are so adorable you’ll want to make wallpaper out of them. (Available for $5.25–5.75 each or in packs of seven for $34.95–39.95.)

For moms, using hankies brings more than just cost-savings and eco-benefits. Children stop crying more quickly with a Hank&Cheef hanky because they are pleasantly distracted by the images. So now she’s in the planning stage for hankies designed specifically for kids. Regula is also happy to take custom orders—think party favours for a wedding or loot bags for a birthday party. There are many innovative ways these tissues have been used already.

A typical household will spend $30,000 on disposable tissue over a lifetime—now that’s something to cry about.

Five bucks for a hanky? Much more savvy.


Tested by Peggy T-J., North Vancouver
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First published 2008.05.06

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