Thanks a Million

Teacher’s Gift Guide
Thanks a Million

Why we are grateful for teachers:

  • They teach little Jack to hang up his coat and write his name
  • They find athletic talent somewhere in your child and help bring it out despite the two left feet
  • They make your little princess feel like a little princess in the hand-me-down tutu
  • They teach children the stuff we have already forgotten (like algebra)
  • They have patience

With that in mind, here is our savvy teacher’s gift guide, because this is definitely not a re-gift situation.

A Greener Gift
Give the gift of nature by making a donation in your teacher’s name and the Evergreen Foundation will provide a beautiful card acknowledging your gift.

Present the card in a reusable shopping tote from Envirosax ($8) small enough to keep in a purse all the time and you’ve got something green enough for even the most environmentally inspiring teacher.

Personalized Signature PlatterGold-Plated
If you’re looking for a class gift that all the kids can make a mark on (or something from the whole team), the personalized signature platters from Serendipity Crafts are a great choice. Montreal-based designers Hugh and Elizabeth hand-paint each platter ($40 – 120) according to your specifications so you can include the teacher’s name, the year and any other class information you desire. Once you receive the platter (and may we say, without giving the secret away to our own kids’ teachers, the customer service is exceptional), all the children can sign it with the special pen that is included. Special note: If you’re the class mom, note that ordering this gift is a LOT easier than volunteering to put a memory book together.

Personalized Sticker
The Write Way
Give Teach a break from gold stars and email this summer with a custom stationery ‘wardrobe’ from Penny People Designs. We’re especially fond of the personalized stickers, the designer address labels and the designer correspondence cards, all of which will let her keep in touch in style.

Electronic Pocket

The Hip and Techno
Travelling or text-messaging types will love the BuiltNY Electronic Pocket ($19.99). Designed to attach to bags, belts and backpacks like a luggage tag, these neoprene pockets ($19.99) have a soft fleece lining to protect electronics.

Sommar Lanterns

Light Up Their Lives
If a trip to IKEA is in your plans, pick up a stash of Sommar lanterns ($9.99, available in five colours) for everyone. Bundle them up with some colorful napkins, candles or some special summer condiments and you’ve got a lovely gift for the teacher who enjoys outdoor entertaining during her summer off. (President’s Choice also has some great lanterns so you can even get this gift crossed off your list at the grocery store if need be.)

So don’t be the only one at ‘graduation’ without something in hand. Stock up now and you’ll be at the top of the class.

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First published 2008.06.03

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