Finger Pickin’ Good

Springridge Strawberry Farm
Finger Pickin’ Good

Don’t pick your nose. Don’t pick on your brother. Do pick strawberries.

If you and your brood love the annual trek to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, it’s time to start a similar spring ritual. Strawberry picking (starting this year around June 20) offers the same rural experience for our big city kids, but with the added bonuses of warmer weather and a sweeter harvest.

The place we love to go when we want to bag some berries is Springridge Farm. This charming family farm is 45 minutes from Toronto and nestled just below the beautiful Niagara Escarpment. It’s so nice that it can attract a lot of visitors even on weekdays so an early start is recommended. (The farm opens at 9 am.)

Picking Advice
The most important thing to know about berry picking is that the season is variable (especially with a cool spring), so call ahead or check the web site to make sure the crop has arrived. Once at the farm, picking under the sun can be hot work, so sun hats, sunscreen and extra water are non-negotiable. Light-weight, long-sleeved shirts and pants and closed-toe shoes are also recommended for berry picking—the straw the berries grow on is “pokey” and can bother some toes.

Good to know: Springridge will be setting up a 20’ x 20’ misting tent to refresh weary pickers!

For the Kids
Sure, picking sweet, sweet strawberries is great fun, but Springridge offers off-field activities too! Three dollars will get your kids into the fun farm area where they can see a small selection of farm animals, play in corn stalk mazes, jump on huge hay-bale piles and dig forever in a giant covered sand box with lots and lots of dump trucks. A brief, but steep climb also gets you to a lookout to see the city and the surrounding countryside.

Good to know: The lookout provides a pretty view, but the incline may be tough if you are carrying a baby or pushing a stroller and it’s only really great on a clear day.

For the Moms
Springridge also offers a surprisingly upscale gourmet market (you may even leave with a new pair of candlesticks). The gourmet food selection (much of it made by Springridge) is fantastic and diverse. We love the homemade Belgian Chocolate Sauce to dip your fresh berries in! Treat yourself to a gourmet sandwich or strawberry scone. For the kids, may we recommend the Sandbox Special? It’s a great lunch that comes in a pail and with a shovel for the giant sandbox.

An outing, some fresh air, some fresh fruit and a little lesson that the best food comes from the earth instead of a plastic container…it’s a berry good day!

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Springridge Farm

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Tested by Martha C., Toronto
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First published 2009.06.18

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