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Nothing like a birthday cake to be the focal point of the party. Then it becomes the focal point of your week as you continue to find crumbs and smeared icing bits on the walls and under the chairs where those adorable kids sat and sang/screamed and blew wax all over your table for junior’s last bash.

What a party.

In case you didn’t learn the first time, we have some savvy tips on how to navigate the cake situation, for a start.

Keep It Small
We don’t mean a small party. Yes, everyone tells you to keep the number of guests the same as the age of your child (i.e. 2 yrs = 2 guests)...not going to happen, sorry to tell you. We mean keep the portion size small and opt for mini cupcakes that everyone loves. Small people, small tummies, big eyes.

The Salt and Pepper Catering Company has the most amazing simple vanilla and chocolate mini cups we have tasted (what other flavours are there anyway?). The butter cream frosting is just begging you to order a few extras for your mom stash. Twelve mini’s for $24.

Lollicakes serves up nut-free minis that are handmade on the premises. We think they are magic because they can also create lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, soya-free and sesame-free cupcakes (upon request) that still taste good. The real magic is in the hand painted Belgian chocolate atop each and every cupcake. Worth every calorie. ($2/mini, $3 for regular cupcake. Call your special orders in at least 48 hours in advance.)

For the Kid who Likes the “Cool Cake”
A very savvy mom we know also runs a small empire from home making customized cakes to your liking. They look good and they taste even better. So don’t order the small size just for the kids. Call Carolyne. She makes a mean Spidey cake for $40.

You can also browse around www.charactercakes4u.com and check out all their options, from Dora, Sponge Bob or the real deal Barbie cake. We like the spherical cakes that are actually in the shape of balls—any sport—you name it. Check out the website and order online. Go!

Too Good to Eat
For that “40 is the new 30 party” or another very special occasion, Eat My Words makes possibly the most beautiful sugar creations you have seen. The details on these cakes and cupcakes are so beautiful you don’t want to eat them. But you do. And you will. They are pricey, but you can feel good about your decadence because the profits from each box of treats sold goes to the Stephen Lewis Foundation in support of those suffering with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Also very special (and delicious) are the Yummy Stuff cakes decorated with their beautiful signature cookies. Yummy Stuff has long been one of our savvy faves.

For the Die Hard who Loves to Bake (and Fair Dues to You)
The Bulk Barn sells cake tins of all shapes and sizes with all the other tools of the trade you will need to feed your inner Martha. If you don’t want all those bulky tins taking up room in your baking drawer after the party, you can rent. Just wash it out and say goodbye to Bob the Builder…you know you are moving onto Superman next year.

A bit of ice cream, some watermelon and Bob’s your Uncle (or the builder, perhaps, in this case). You might still have to clean up the mess after the party but you won’t have to clean up as much if you know who to call.

Salt and Pepper Catering Company
(416) 924-0715

(416) 482-2253

Character Cakes

Carolyne’s Cakes
(416) 421-6101

Eat My Words

Yummy Stuff

Tested by Denise S., Toronto
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First published 2007.07.19

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