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Toronto Consignment Stores

It’s inevitable. Children and pregnant bellies just keep growing.

And the carbon footprint our growing kids and swelling stomachs make adds up in lots of ways. Luckily for Toronto moms, there are both retail and online options that help to offset those carbon costs (and our own out-of-wallet costs) by buying and/or selling clothes through consignment.

If you’re in the east end, you’ll definitely want to drop by Bumbleberry Kids on Queen St. East. You’ll find sweet clothing from Gymboree, Jacardi, Coach, Burberry, Petit Bateau and Hanna Anderson, as well as adorable baby accessories and top-of-the-line baby gear, beach style. Moms-to-be can get themselves set up with maternity wear. We like that they also sell books—a great way to recycle those outgrown ones, and bring new stories into your home.

Gently-used (but still chic) maternity wear has never been easier to find or sell, thanks to Second Peek, a Canadian online maternity consignment store offering everything from casual to career. We found several lovely Diane von Furstenburg maternity tops and dresses from Pea in the Pod for under $60, with hundreds of other items from Gap, Motherhood and Thyme (the list goes on). Buy, sell, ship or pick up (Toronto only) and you can make your maternity-wear budget go further or dispose of mat-gear that’s no longer needed.

Feeling indulgent and in need of a wardrobe update after all those months being pregnant? That extra money you’ve earned from consignment selling might find a home at two recent additions to the Toronto consignment scene: Haute Classics or LAB Consignment (an online store). These stores are all about you, the woman—not you, the baby incubator. When you’re ready to graduate from splurging on a diaper bag to splurging on some designer duds, these two fashion-focused resale stores will be a welcome change.

After all ‘new to you’ is still new.

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Toronto Consignment Stores

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First published 2010.09.23

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