Toronto: The Savvy Guide to February

February 2009
Toronto: The Savvy Guide to February

We’re only one month into the three that make winter long. Don’t get down or blue—we’ve got some tips to help you through the ‘love’ month starting with a simple Japanese proverb we heard recently: ‘One kind word can warm three winter months.’

Here are some more savvy ideas to keep you smiling.

toronto.comVisit a winter carnival.
Why? Because it’s winter, and kids love carnivals.
(Brought to you by

Set up a TFSA if you have not already done so.
Why? The TF stands for tax-free and the SA stands for savings account. They’re new. They help you save. ‘Nuff said.

With snow. Be imaginative and create a no-man snow sculpture. Be creative and build something different. Any shape will last longer if you spray it lightly with water—try mixing food colouring in a spray bottle before spritzing to add more life to your creation.
Why? Because Sponge Bob can be made with one block of snow and a spray bottle filled with yellow food colouring. How hard is that?

Join the One Million Acts of Green Campaign.
Why? Because every small act helps and by joining the campaign and logging your contribution, you can actually measure the difference you are making. So far the total acts of green recorded by Canadians is 913,834 which equates to 51,438,704 kg of green house gases saved. 

When Baby Brings the Blues: Solutions for Postpartum Depression
by Dr. Ariel Dalfen.
Why? Because 20% of women are affected by postpartum depression so if it’s not you, it could be your friend or your sister.

Why? Because it will inspire even the not-so-crafty of us to do more with glue.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family and the Order a special dinner for you and your valentine from Rodney’s Oyster House.
Why? Because they’ll deliver and it’s cheaper (and easier) than getting a babysitter. And you know what they say about oysters….

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First published 2009.01.29

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