Planting Pretty

Gardening for Kids
Planting Pretty

Sick of the snow and ready to grow? Find inspiration for you and your budding gardener at local spots that cater to the kiddie crowd. 

Families can have a fun night out at Gardenworks in Burnaby, where there’s a special kids’ corner set up for workshops. Birthday parties can also be held here most Fridays.

During the week of March 21 (yes, that’s Spring Break), tiny tots aged 2 and up can sign up for a daily morning workshop. The kids are encouraged to get their hands dirty, ask questions and ‘stop and smell the roses’.

Program Coordinator Candyse Roberts uses themes like “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “The Little Red Hen” to catch the kids’ imagination and teach them something new about nature. Then the children all take home a pot planted with something either pretty or yummy! You can also book a birthday party or get some moms and kids together for a custom two-hour session. Cost is $10 per child with a maximum of 20 in a group.

You probably already know about the VanDusen Botanical Garden, a 55-acre city oasis that can truly serve as your child’s backyard of dreams this spring and summer. But you might not know about their Education Centre, which is home to fun family programs (for kids ages 5 to 11) in April, May and June. But once school is out, the place really comes to life with summer day camps for 5 to 9 year-olds.

These ‘perennial’ favorites include pond dipping, ladybug release, and work in the vegetable garden. The children get a chance to seed, weed and harvest heirloom vegetables. We love that the kids get a unique chance to give back to the community as all the produce gets shipped to the local food bank.

It’s the crafts, games and general exploration that give the programs wide appeal, but the sophistication of the scientific concepts that the kids come home with are what make parents really proud (and keeps the moms talking). 

Good to Know: Registration is open and spots fill quickly. Drop-off can be as early as 9 am.

So take your pick of the crop. We think you’ll agree, when it comes to grooming green thumbs, these places are tops!

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First published 2011.03.10

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