Spring to Green

One Day Program
Spring to Green

Sorry, but there is no excuse to keep that 1970’s orange and gold bathroom anymore. Spring is here and it’s the best time to breathe new life into your home. We’re talking about some renovations that will increase energy efficiency, make it a healthier place for you and your family to live, save you money on energy costs, and allow you to potentially earn significant provincial and federal rebates (up to $13,600!).

The City of Vancouver is encouraging all BC residents to take advantage of significant rebates offered by the provincial LiveSmart BC and federal ecoENERGY programs to make energy updates to detached and semi-detached houses through its local program, One Day. This City of Vancouver program is intended to help us take small steps to reduce energy use, at home and on the go, and to make Vancouver the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world. One Day walks you through the key steps to apply for the rebates and offers many other tips and suggestions for making your home more eco-friendly and for saving money. 

Start with having a certified energy advisor assess your home (local companies are suggested on the website) for $150. The advisor will do a walk-through assessment of your home and provide you with a customized report showing your home’s ‘EnerGuide rating’, recommended improvements, and potential energy savings. Then over the next 18 months, you decide which upgrades are right for your home and choose what changes to make. After the work is complete, you get a second assessment to verify the improvements (another $150, but you will get some of this back).

What about the rebates? After completing all three steps, your advisor will update your home’s EnerGuide rating and give you an EnerGuide label. Then you can apply for your rebates from the BC and Federal government and $150 of the assessment costs.

But if you are not so sure you’re ready for an energy assessment or a major renovation just yet, you can simply participate in local programs that allow you to take advantage of PST exemptions, hot water incentives, utilities coupons and even lower interest rates on loans. 

Save money, save the planet…it would be rude not to take advantage of these incentives.

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First published 2009.05.14

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