15 Things Not to Say to Another Mom

What Not to Say

Rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Don’t get caught saying the wrong thing in the schoolyard this year by adhering to these 15 Things Not to Say to Another Mom.

15 Things Not to Say to Another Mom

You look tired.
No one ever started a great day by being told they look like crap. Genuine concern over our kids’ inability to sleep, we’ll gladly take. But an honest critique of how we look masked as concern? That’s what your (all-too-often neglected) inside voice is for. (Don’t say this)

What do your kids do while you’re at work all day?
What do your kids do while you’re at work all day?
The answer you want to give: ‘We let them run wild, completely unsupervised. They love it.’
The answer you do give: ‘We have an excellent nanny/daycare/family member.’
The answer you should give: ‘They learn, explore, relate, develop, create and grow. Your kids?’ (Don’t say this)

Is that from Joe Fresh?
Is that from Joe Fresh?
We can privately own the love for Canada’s own discount clothier just as much as the next girl, but being called out on it? Let’s just say some things aren’t meant to be labelled. (Don’t say this)

Be nice. Follow our advice with these 15 Things Not to Say to Another Mom.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto

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First published 2012.09.18

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