Candy Sushi

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Candy Sushi
You'll Need
  • Rice Krispie® squares (store-bought or homemade)
  • Assorted candies including Swedish Fish, gummy worms, jelly beans, AirHeads, fruit leather, etc.

Prep and Cook
  1. To make nigiri-style sushi: Slice Rice Krispie® squares into thin rectangles. Place a Swedish Fish or gummy worm on top, and wrap a thin slice of fruit leather around the base of the candy.
  2. To make maki-style sushi: Flatten a Rice Krispie® square using a rolling pin. Lay it on top of a piece of fruit leather. Cut thin slices of red, orange and green candies (AirHeads work well) and lay across Rice Krispie® square. Roll candy up into a cylinder and slice into pieces.
  3. To make pickled ginger: Cut an orange AirHead into thin slices and roll out with a rolling pin. Starting with one end, wind candy into a spiral, leaving a little space between each layer.
  4. To make wasabi: Slice green jelly beans in half and pile together.

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