Words From Our Readers

Thank you so much for your emails! They are usually great, but even more so today!! I LOVED the book recommendations you provided. I have four kids inlcuding two boys. It can be a challenge to find a good/fun book to interest them. You gave me more than a few today. Books I might never have heard about! Thanks!!! Keep up the great work. I love to learn something new each day and Savvy Mom.ca is usually one of the sources of something new for me.

Hazel P.

I am the lucky winner of your June photo contest, and I just wanted to express my gratitude and excitement I received my prize the other day (yes, with lots of excitement)...of a gallery-wrapped photo on canvas provided by Posterjack.ca and it looks A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posterjack.ca did a superb job and it turned out brilliantly!  Thank you Savvymom and good luck to everyone who enters July’s photo contest!

Sandra R. T.

Hi SavvyMom gang,
Just wanted to send a note to say thank you! What a pleasant surprise to read about Mother of a Deal in your newsletter today. Our web traffic was through the roof and we signed up 100 new subscribers (and still counting). Thank you again for making our day.

Danielle and Heather, Motherofadeal.com

Hi - just wanted to let you know how amazing your newsletter is ... I have
received since it’s beginning and have purchased SO MANY great products both
for the kids and for me ...  Thought I’d let you know how much I
appreciate it - Best of luck to all of you and THANKS :)

Elizabeth K., Toronto

I just wanted you to know that my husband and I gave birth to our daughter in March and we named her Savvy. I had suggested the name about 5 months
into my pregnancy but had no idea where I had heard it. I have now realized that since I receive your newsletter twice a week subconsciously I kept reading the name. Thanks for the idea. We are thrilled with her name: Savvy Ames Smith.

Amy S., Oakville

I’m a Dad, but I receive your newsletter regularly. I really enjoy it! I pass it along to moms who look for the information in your newsletter, but perhaps don’t subscribe yet. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the newsletter; it’s written well, has good information in it and always provides such a positive vibe to its readers. Thank you for providing such quality work. It is appreciated.

Chris N., Toronto

Let me tell you how much I enjoy your website!  I look forward to all the updates and info I receive.  I LOVE being a SAVVY MOM.  This is a much needed website.  Keep up the excellent work!!!!

Erica H., Toronto

You are such a huge resource to me….so thank you for that! Thanks again.

Tanya, Toronto

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with every issue. You have taken a small idea and let it grow into something big.

Thanks for making my week(s) great!

Diana C. , Toronto

Hello Savvy Moms!!!! I have enjoyed every bit of newsletter you’ve sent to my inbox this past year. I look forward to more wonderful ideas and great tips from you.

Valerie C., Toronto

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