30 Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes, Crafts and Projects

SavvyMom January 30, 2017


We’re all about celebrating Valentine’s Day with our families, but we don’t want to run ourselves ragged trying to achieve a Pinterest-perfect holiday. Share the love with these simple things you can make and bake together.

Little Feet, Big Heart 
We’re betting this tiny foot-stamped card will be a hit with their favourite grandparent! Capture the cute with this valentine that’s sure to become a treasured keepsake. (Love It!)

Valentine’s Day Slime Favours
This is sensory, slimy, squishy, squelchy, weird, awesome fun. Kids who aren’t so into the mushy stuff will get a real kick out of getting or giving ‘valen-slimes’. (Love It!)

A Graham Cracker Love Shack 
Making a gingerbread house during the holidays is such a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids—so we think putting a Valentine-y spin on the edible activity is inspired. Using ready-made graham crackers as building materials is next-level genius. (Love It!)

We’ve collected the best of Valentine’s Day from our talented bloggers—keep clicking to see the rest of our 30 Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes, Crafts and Projects.


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