Apple Stores in Ottawa are Offering Free Summer Camp Workshops

Apple Camp

We might be trying to manage our children’s screen time this summer, but there are occasions when screen use actually has benefits. Like when our kids are learning a new skill. Maybe they’re musicians in training, or they love to code, or maybe your child has aspirations to become a movie director.

If any of those sound familiar, then letting the kids create and innovate with Apps on the iPad, computer or iPhone may not seem like a bad use of screen time. Now, in Ottawa, there’s a way to encourage those kinds of activities further.

Free Apple Camps in Ottawa

Did you know in Ottawa Apple Stores are offering free weekly camp workshops for kids aged 8-12? Your child can participate in a hands-on learning experience like no other at one of the two Apple stores in Ottawa (located at the Rideau Centre and Bayshore Shopping Centre). The camps aren’t every day of the week, or for the entire day, making the part-time opportunity a great way for the kids to try something new without a full-time commitment, and without costing mom and dad a fortune. It’s not every day you find a free camp being offered!

There are three different subjects for the camps: Coding, Storytelling through video and Song creation. Each of these subjects focuses on a particular App for the kids to learn on (Sphero, Clips, and GarageBand, respectively).

Kids aged 8-12 can register in advance for their camp of choice, being offered each week throughout the month of July (and the first week of August). You will need to select which store location your child will be attending and each camp will take place for 90 minutes, three days a week. Your child may participate in a Monday, Wednesday, Friday camp or a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday camp (in the morning, or afternoon, depending on location and camp subject).

Some camp options already have a waitlist (we aren’t surprised they’ve been so popular), but there is still some availability for each of the camp streams. If you have been considering registering your child, or are now interested after reading this article, we recommend getting registered sooner rather than later! The last week of camp offered is July 30.

What will the kids learn at Apple Camp

For your mini coders, they’ll be using the Sphero App to learn about the fundamentals of coding and the logic that is involved in creating code. They’ll be able to use Sphero to create their own games and work with a partner to program their Sphero, change colour and more.

Your future musicians will use the GarageBand App on the iPad to create beats and their own song. It’s amazing what sounds can be created using just this App, including adding vocals and sounds, to make a complete track. On the final day, they’ll get to present their songs to the rest of the group.

Finally, if your child chooses the Telling Stories with Clips camp stream, they will be learning how to tell stories on Clips, a video App. They’ll work to storyboard their ideas and create their video stories, complete with sound.

Our guess is that many parents are reading these descriptions and wishing you could also learn about these creative applications, but this camp is just for the kids so you’ll have to get them to show you all of their secrets and skills when it’s all over.

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Photo credit: Lara Wellman, Kids in the Capital

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