Best Kids’ Shoes for Spring and Summer 2019

Spring and Summer Shoes for Kids

They can’t wait to kick off their winter boots for the last time and be DONE with them, and, quite frankly, we can’t say that we blame them. Spring is a tricky season and can require more than one pair of footwear. From sneaks and shoes to sandals for the summer, we’ve got their tootsies covered in an array of fashions.

Urban Planet Girls Unicorn Thong Slingback Sandal

Her fascination with unicorns shows no sign of easing up, so it’ll be easy to convince her to slip on these perfect-for-warmth sandals. Plus, they come in a variety of pastels and you can’t beat the price.


Keen Toddlers’ Seacamp

Toddlers are going to wade into any water they can find: puddle, wading pool, lake, or ocean, so it makes sense to purchase a sandal that can handle the moisture. Plus, it’s got a non-marking sole and super comfortable straps for a season of unlimited go-go-go.


Converse Toddler All Star

Converse with Velcro closures are perfect for toddlers enjoying everything summer has to offer. We love the bleached aqua colour – definitely a favourite hue.


Native Toddler’s Phoenix

We’re seeing serious comfort and serious style with these well-made shoes designed to withstand the rigours of a day in the life of a toddler. Soft neoprene heels, breathable lycra mesh upper – bring on the park!


Timberland Waterproof Hikers

If the kiddos are getting into longer hikes or even backpacking overnights with their camps, they’re going to need some actual hiking boots. These ones provide ankle support and will keep feet dry in case a puddle crossing is inevitable.


Viking Tofino

They’re more than a wee bit cheaper than their famous look-a-likes, with all the same style and comfort. They’ll conform to their feet and are easy on and easy off – perfect for camp, the cottage, or the beach.


Vans Ward Black/White Lace Up Sneaker

It’s all about the classic skate style with these versatile Vans. Black and white goes with everything and works for boy, girl, mom, dad, kiddos and everyone in between. You’ll find you keep accumulating pair after pair of these in ever increasing sizes because they love them so. And they make for great hand-me-downs.


Heelys Volpel

These Heelys look super cool, and as far as the whole sneaks with wheels thing goes…well, why not? They’re only young once.


Thandi Casual Sandal

These gladiator-style sandals will pair perfectly with her rompers, sundresses, and capris – all the items she’s been desperate to wear for months now. They’re a bit of fashion with some common sense and go from a playdate to family dinner out without the need for a wardrobe change.


Adidas Youth’s U Path Run in Grey

Our grade-schooler has very definite ideas about fashion and style, and it very definitely includes these modern yet retro running shoes by Adidas. And if you’re balking at the price, remember – they do hit a point at which the rapid growth of their feet slows down – we’ve been known to get a good two years out of some well-made shoes these days!


ADIDAS V5 Hoops Mid 2.0

All he wants to do this summer is shoot hoops and practice his dribbling, so we know he’ll live in these mid-height basketball shoes that look pretty sharp, we have to admit.


Baubles + Soles Twist Lock Shoes 

It’s as if crocs got a major face-lift, resulting in a plastic shoe with enough style for school, special occasions, and even fancy ice cream outings. The ability to change up the decorative baubles makes them a shoe for every event and individual. Plus, they’re made from recyclable plastic and the company has a recycling program for the shoes.




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